Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – How is it possible to have the Game of Thrones platinum trophy before the last episode is released?

Submitted by AnonymousHow is it possible to have the Game of Thrones platinum trophy before the last episode is even available?

This is a good question and there are a couple of answers for this question depending on whether you’re dealing with the PS3 or PS4 version of this game. One possible answer that is true for both consoles is that since the percentage for the platinum is extremely low, both on Playstation and various trophy sites, this could mean that there are testers, reviewers, and etc that have access to the episodes, even the final episode, before release. Once they play and complete the final episode, along with all the other episodes, this person will then have the platinum trophy before everyone else.

Since PS4 trophies, unlike PS3 trophies, cannot at the moment be hacked there is no way the PS4 version has hacked trophies. However, I’ve been hearing of a glitch on the PS4 where if you play one game while downloading another, trophies start randomly popping. I haven’t experienced this myself since I rarely play a game while one is downloading, but apparently it’s a thing. While this only applies to the PS4 version, people playing the PS3 version who were not testers or reviewers probably hacked the trophy list.

Moving on, the way to tell if a trophy list is hacked is to look at the time stamps. When dealing with Telltale games, there should be a good amount of time between each trophy. If you see someone with a trophy list where the trophies are seconds apart, without the possibility of cross-save data, then you know that the trophy list was hacked or not gained legitimately.

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