This Week in Trophies 11-22-2015 – 11-28-2015

So, you know I can never pass up on a good sale, and this week PSN had some pretty good sales that I just could not pass up on. Even though I’m still totally addicted to Fallout 4, I hate having new games just sit on my system so I took a little break, a very little break, from Fallout 4 and played some new games this week. Here’s a breakdown of how my week went.

Fallout 4 – 50%

I like to think that I’m progressing nicely through the game, taking my time, doing a bunch of side quests, and other stuff, but it just feels like I’m missing something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying the game or I wouldn’t be playing, but I just don’t know because it really feels like I’m missing some things. Anyway, of course I’m going to continue to play and I’m really excited to see how everything turns out in the end.

Fallout 4 Fallout 4Fallout 4 Fallout 4Fallout 4 Fallout 4

Pure Hold’em – 38%

I wanted this game day 1 but just couldn’t justify the price. With it being on sale due to the Black Friday sale the Playstation store was running along with the 10% discount coupon they gave to everyone I couldn’t pass it up. Now I have to tell you that I love Poker, especially Texas Hold’em, but this game I don’t know. The servers are basically dead which sucks because it’s a multiplayer game. I mean, sometimes I just sit in a tournament room for 30 minutes waiting for people to join and guess who joins? No one. It’s frustrating as hell and although there’s an option to play offline, it’s not the same and it’s not tournament style which was supposed to be the whole point of the game. Anyway, I’ll give this game a few more chances before I completely give up on it.

Pure Hold'em Pure Hold'emPure Hold'em Pure Hold'emPure Hold'em Pure Hold'emPure Hold'em Pure Hold'em

Minecraft: Story Mode – 21%

Yes, I know I’ve probably said a bunch of times that I was done with episodic release games, but this was also on sale and I was already using that coupon so there you go. I finished episode one this week and I’ll have my full review up on Wednesday so I don’t want to spoil too much here.

Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode

That was it for this week. It was an ok week thanks to starting two new games. Yes, I didn’t get back into playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune which sucks because I hate having a game where all I need is one trophy for the platinum but I really just need to put some time aside and I’m sure I can finish it in a day. Maybe today…or maybe not. Anyway, for next week I’m going to continue to play Fallout 4, give Pure Hold’em a few more chances, play episode 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode, and really try this time to finish up Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.



  1. I’m not a big fan of episodic games anymore. They’re overused now and I’m honestly getting a little tired of it.

    I just finished my first playthrough of Fallout 4 on PC and I immediately started a new character after I wrote my review on it. Next game on my list is Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Yo Kai Watch :].

    I’ll be visiting your blog more often. It’s very enjoyable.

    • Thanks for reading! I agree that the episodic games are overused by this point, but if they have a good story I’m still kind of drawn to them. I’ll most likely be picking up Life is Strange once it comes out on disc in January.

      • Life is Strange doesn’t appeal to me at to be honest. The last episodic game I purchased was Revelations 2 and I really enjoyed that.

        I need more then a good story to keep me invested in a game because most episodic games are kind of boring to play. The Wolf Among Us is an exception :].

      • I can agree that at times they get a little boring and tedious to play, but I think I like them so much because they remind me of those choose your own adventure books in a video game version.

        The Wolf Among Us is one of my favorite episodic games. Tales from the Borderlands was also really good, the only thing that wasn’t good about it was that it took almost a full year to be released.

      • I didn’t like Tales from The Borderlands at all. It’s not a Borderlands game in the slightest. It’s the same crap that Tell Tales has been giving us for years and I think their games are getting stale by this point. I didn’t even bother to buy Game of Thrones. I’m done with this genre for a while unless I find something really good on PC.

        The Wolf Among Us was fantastic and is currently my favorite episodic game :].

      • I think the point of Tales from the Borderlands was that it wasn’t the typical Borderlands game. It was more story driven and less shoot and loot driven. Although Borderlands is one of my favorite games, I thought that it was a nice change. Now Game of Thrones…that was probably one of the worst Telltale games that I ever played.

        What I’m really waiting for from Telltale is The Walking Dead add-on that they previewed at E3 that’s supposed to be all about Michonne.

      • I stopped playing Walking Dead after season 1. I don’t think I’m going back. Borderlands is also one of my favorite games and I think Borderlands 2 told a better story then what Telltales gave us. Their games are stale in my opinion.

      • What I liked about Season 2 of The Walking Dead was that it showed Clementine’s story and how she progressed from being this scared little girl into something more. It showed how the change in times changed her. Depending on how you played maybe she’s a little more hardened or maybe she still has a little compassion and hope left.

        The story in Borderlands 2 was a much needed improvement from the story told in the original Borderlands, but I thought that Telltale gave us something different while still keeping the same Borderlands vibe.

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