Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Where can I find crops to plant in Fallout 4?

I have been getting a ton and I mean a ton of Fallout 4 search queries since the release a couple of weeks ago, so I’m going to try and answer as many of them as possible as quickly as I can. On with this weeks question.

Submitted by AnonymousWhere can I find crops to plant in Fallout 4?

A good question since this is one of the first basic things that you have to do in order to build up a settlement. You can find any of these crops at local settlements, mostly the farms, that are close to Sanctuary, and you can even find some already existing crops at Sanctuary already when you first get there after teaming up with the Minutemen. You can also find crops on dead enemies like raiders, ghouls, supermutants, and etc. You have a bunch of crops to choose from too so don’t worry about what your planting and just start planting.

Here’s a breakdown of the crops you can find in Fallout 4
• Tato Plant
• Mutfruit Plant
• Corn Plant
• Razorgrain Plant
• Melon Plant
• Gourd Plant

Don’t forget that in order to actual plant the crops you have to have access to that settlements workshop. Make sure you head over to resources and then to food. All of the food that you have that can be planted will show up in this area so all you have to do is start planting. Also, make sure you assign someone to maintain that crop from the workshop menu as well.

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