Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What are the best defenses to build for Sanctuary in Fallout 4?

Submitted by Anonymous What are the best defenses to build for Sanctuary in Fallout 4?

When it comes to Sanctuary in Fallout 4, I liked using the basic defenses that you can set up fast and don’t require that many parts. I did this mostly because I wanted to use some items that I salvaged for other objects that were not for the defenses. What I used mostly were the guard towers, guard posts and the machine gun turrets. Take a look at some of the pictures below to see how I have Sanctuary set up defense wise. Remember, when setting guard towers and guard posts make sure to assign one of the settlers to maintain that area.

Fallout 4

While in Sanctuary you’ll see a huge tree right in the middle of the place. From there there are two houses on the left and the right that can be completely destroyed. In place of one of those houses, I set up the following defense. (Note, you can do this on either the right or left side.): Two Defense Towers, Two Machine Gun Turrets, and one Guard Post.

Fallout 4

Depending on where you put your first line of defense, the second should go in the other house that you tore down and should have the following, Two Machine Gun Turets, Two Guard Posts, and One Guard Tower.

Fallout 4

Now on the other side of Sanctuary,(Where the Sanctuary sign is along with the bridge) I like to put up a basic wooden gate in that area along with One Guard Tower, Two Machine Gun Turrets, and One Spotlight.

Fallout 4

Following along the same path as the last defense station, go along the river and start building Machine Gun Turrets, at the moment I have two, but plan to add more later.

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