This Week in Trophies 12-06-2015 – 12-12-2015

So it was a light week for trophies this week, but it was at least something and I finally reached my trophy milestone of 5,500 so a big high five for myself. Who knew that the holiday time would be so busy for me and prevent me from playing video games as much as I want, but that’s life. Anyway here’s a breakdown of how my week went.

Fallout 4 – 71%

I got one whole trophy this week for Fallout 4 as I try to go around and collect some missing trophies. So I finally got the trophy for collecting 1000 items of junk, and I really don’t know why I didn’t get this one sooner. I guess I just didn’t go around collecting a bunch of desk fans and other things, but I finally got it and that’s what counts.

Fallout 4

Life is Strange – 18%

I finally got to playing the first episode of this game and I don’t want to spoil too much but I really enjoyed it. I’ll have my full review of the first episode up soon.

Life is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange

That was it for this week. Not that exciting, but not that boring either. For the upcoming week I’m going to continue working on Fallout 4, I might get a couple of more episodes of Life is Strange in, I might even get to the next episode of Minecraft: Story Mode since episode 4 comes out on the 22nd, and I’m going to hopefully finish Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight. I have 9 starts left to get for that game, 9 (!), so let’s hope that I can get them this week and be done with that game.



  1. Looks like you really put a hurtin on Fallout 4 :]. I have almost every achievement on Steam, but I haven’t played in about two weeks because I’ve been focusing on Xenoblade Chronicles X since it’s release.

    • I’m really trying to get that platinum! Two weeks without Fallout 4? I give you credit, I can’t spend that much time without playing especially since I know I have all those trophies just waiting to be achieved. How are you liking Xenoblade Chronicles X?

      • Trying to play two huge games at the same time is crazy imo :]. I’m taking a break from Fallout 4 to focus on Xenoblade and honestly it’s a GOTY contender for me. I’m looking forward to reviewing it when I complete it.

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