Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 2 – Assembly Required Review (PS4)

So after the last episode, I was super excited to jump right into this episode to see what was going to become of our new heroes. Needless to say, this episode was totally not what I was expecting, especially after last episode which I could just not stop raving about. The whole episode was under an hour. UNDER AN HOUR! Seriously? Other than that, it just seemed like a thrown together attempt to lengthen the series that maybe shouldn’t have been five episodes to begin with. Keep reading to find out more.

Depending on your final choice from last episode, Jesse is either chasing after Ellegard with Olivia or Magnus with Axel. Either way you’ll end up in the same place after you find your chosen hero. Each hero lives in their own area and has their own story to go with them, but it wasn’t anything really noteworthy. And then on top of that when you reunite the two heroes Ellegard and Magnus aren’t exactly on the best of terms for some reason and it’s a struggle to get them to work together, but your last hope is to go and find the missing Soren. Surprise though because Ivor is trying to find him as well. Soren has some super TNT that is supposed to stop the Wither Storm and if Ellegard and Magnus can get their shit together Jesse and her friends just might be able to stop this thing.

While this episode had some interesting elements like the return of Petra, and a few twists that also concern Petra, other than that it felt like it was seriously lacking. What it felt like it was lacking was an actual plot. So you find both heroes, but then in the end actually lose them again and have a run in with Ivor. That’s basically what happens during this episode. Nothing really progresses making this episode just feel like filler because this game HAD to be five episodes long.

The improvements made last game to loading times and other common Telltale issues were still there which was a very pleasant surprise. I liked that the game loaded quickly and there was no stalling or freezing. I hope this is a good sign for Telltale going into the future and hopefully these common issues are gone for good. The only issues I had with the playability of this game was still the fighting. Whether you use the bow and arrow or the sword, the main fighting is still awkward and just stiff. There were some times as well where the voices didn’t match up with the person speaking, but other than that everything ran smoothly.

The graphics are still really good for this game and I expect them to be as such for the rest of the game. I’m really liking how they take what was already developed in Minecraft and make it just a little more detailed and a little more interesting while staying true to the actual game.

With the introduction of “make certain choices” trophies, you’ll have to play this episode twice in order to get the six trophies for this episode making you get one step closer to the platinum that you’ll get once this game is done. Don’t dread having to play this episode twice, because believe me you don’t want to have to do that, so I’ll have a quick tip for you below. The trophies are pretty basic for a Telltale game and in your first playthrough you can really only miss one.

Quick Trophy Tip: If and only if you don’t to play both episodes one and two twice, there is a quick work around in order to get the Griefer Madness or the Occam’s Razor trophy. Depending on your final choice in the last episode, you’ll either get the Griefer Maddnes or Occam’s Razor during your first playthrough. In order to get the other trophy without playing again go into your save files and make a copy of your original save file. Put this file in slot two and rename it. You don’t have to rename it, but it causes less confusion when trying to figure out which is your actual save file. Using your new save file, go to chapter rewind and choose the last chapter of episode one. When it comes to deciding which hero you’re going to go after, choose the one you didn’t choose in your actual save file. Finish the episode and start episode two using the same save file. Play until you get the trophy for recruiting your new hero and then feel free to quit. Make sure to change your save files before starting episode 3.

As with all Telltale games, there is no multiplayer for this game.

Overall I give this episode a 2 out of 5

What’s Great:
+Some interesting elements that add a little more to the overall story.
+ No loading, lag, freezing, or other common Telltale problems.
+ Consistent graphics that hold over from the previous episode.

What’s Not So Great:
Weak overall story.
Episode is under an hour and feels like a filler episode.
When it comes to fighting Minecraft monsters, the movements are super awkward and it just feels ineffective.

This is definitely not the strongest episode that this game has to offer. After last episode it’s kind of making me doubt where this game is actually going. The last episode seemed like there was a promise of so much more and I was seriously let down by this episode. I know that the third episode is already released and just waiting for me to play it, but I’m going to hold off for a while. I’m really hoping though that this second episode was just a slip up and not precedent of what’s to come for the rest of the game.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the second episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode


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