Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What is the best way to make water in Fallout 4?

Submitted by Anonymous What is the best way to make water in Fallout 4?

There are a bunch of ways to make water for your settlements in Fallout 4, but when you’re first starting out you’re going to want to go with the simplest form of making water which is the water pump. The basic water pump creates 3 water for your settlement and has to be placed on solid ground. You’ll need the following equipment in order to produce it:
• 1 Concrete
• 4 Steel
• 1 Gear

As you continue to play you might want to build something that produces more water and you can. For settlements that are close to natural water I like to use the water purifier. The water purifier has to be placed in water and produces 10 water for your settlement. This also requires electricity so make sure you have enough equipment to also produce a basic generator and place it somewhere close to your purifier. In order to create the purifier you’ll need the following:
• 2 Oil
• 2 Ceramic
• 5 Rubber
• 2 Copper
• 10 Steel
• 2 Cloth

There’s also the option of building a water purifier industrial, but I haven’t personally used this one since I was basically happy with the first two options. I would say that depending on what settlement you’re building the water for and how many people there are, that should be how you determine what kind of water producing equipment that you provide to your settlement. For example, in Sanctuary I have a mixture of both the water pump and purifier. This is mostly because when you start off you need to create water and I had already created water pumps and didn’t want to destroy them. If you’re creating water for the drive-thru settlement then it would be best to use the water purifier especially since you have that pool of radiated water in the middle of the settlement. This will not only create water for your settlement but get rid of the radiation.

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