This Week in Trophies 12-13-2015 – 12-19-2015

This actually wasn’t a bad week for me. I got in a decent amount of game time, completed a game, caught up on Minecraft: Story Mode in time for the next episode, and played another episode of Life is Strange. Of course I played Fallout 4 as well, I mean that should be a given at this point, and a little more of GTA: San Andreas. Here’s a breakdown of every trophy that I got this week.

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight – 100%

I finally did it! After two months and three weeks, I finally got this game at 100%. I couldn’t be happier that I’m finally done with this game. My game reviews are a little backed up at the moment with everything that I’ve been playing, but you’ll be seeing this review very soon and I’ll give you a breakdown on the whole game.

Life is Strange – 36%

I played through the second episode this week and I have to say that I am loving this game. I’ll have my review up soon, but this has seriously been one of the best episodic games that I’ve played this year. This might even take the number one spot away from Tales from the Borderlands at this point, but we’ll see.

Life is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is StrangeLife is Strange Life is Strange

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 17%

I’m having a really great time getting back into this game. I don’t even think I got as far as I am now when I was originally playing on the PS2. It feels good to revisit a game that feels familiar but new at the same time.

Minecraft: Story Mode – 61%

After not wanting to play because the second episode was just bad, I forced myself to play through the third episode. The third episode was…ugh. At this point I don’t even know where this game is going, but I’m just glad all the missable trophies are over and done with so I won’t have to do another playthrough.

Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story Mode

Fallout 4 – 72%

I continued on my journey through Fallout 4 as I try to complete some of the other trophies before starting my new game. I only got one trophy this week, but I’m really really close to getting to level 50 and I expect to do so the next time I play. I also should pick up a couple more the next time I play and my second playthrough is actually right around the corner.

Fallout 4

Pure Hold’em – 47%

While I’ve basically given up on this game, I had a friend who was willing to help me out with a trophy so I said why the hell not. I guess I’ll continue to play this game when the mood strikes me, but other than that I’m kind of done at the moment.

Pure Hold'em

And that was it for this week. It was a pretty decent week and I’m hoping next week to be the same. I know the holidays are coming up, but I’m thinking I can still get through another episode of Life is Strange as well as the new Minecraft: Story Mode episode. I’ll also be continuing to play Fallout 4, and I might or might not start a new game this week. I hate starting new games so close to the end of the month, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’ll let you know how things turned out next week, and I hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday!



  1. I’m interested in your opinion on Frozen because I’m thinking about getting it for my kids. And I see you’re still chasing 100% in Fallout 4 :].

    I just crossed the 8 hour mark in Xenoblade Chronicles X. I haven’t had time for any other game besides Dragon Quest Heroes. I’m hoping I’ll get back to Fallout 4 by Christmas :].

    • With the Frozen game, I would say that if you’re getting it purely for your kids then they should enjoy it. It’s like Bejeweled with the Frozen characters, so I’m sure any kid who likes Frozen is going to like that. I would just be really careful because there are a ton and I mean a TON of microtransactions. One wrong click can end up costing you.

      Looks like you’re making some good progress in Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’m so close to that 100% mark in Fallout 4! Just a few spare trophies here and there and one more full playthrough and that platinum trophy will be mine. Maybe by the end of the year…maybe not.

      • I’m not sure if my kids would like Frozen if it’s like Bejeweled :].

        My daughters love Killer Instinct on the X1, and Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U.

      • Both of those games are way superior to Frozen, so I would probably give it a pass then especially if you don’t want to get stuck playing something they don’t like.

      • I might just get them a new game on the Wii U. Youngest daughter wants me to buy her Madden :].

      • I already did :]. It’s wrapped up under the Christmas tree :].

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