Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What are the controls like in The Wolf Among Us for the PS Vita?

Submitted by AnonymousWhat are the controls like in The Wolf Among Us for the PS Vita?

Another good question. I’ve played enough Telltale games on the PS Vita to know that sometimes the controls can be just annoying and while some work flawlessly others are filled with little annoyances that can ruin a gaming experience. This is not the case with The Wolf Among Us. You can either use the touch screen which is responsive or the actual PS Vita controls. The choice is basically up to you with this game. For myself personally, I usually prefer to use the PS Vita controls when walking around and choosing dialog options, but when it comes to the action scenes I find it a little easier to use the touch screen. This allows me to switch between using both controls and it makes the game a little easier to play since the playing the action scenes with the PS Vita controls can be a little tricky at times. What’s most important though is that you play how you feel most comfortable and this game allows you to do that.

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