Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Review (PS3)

By now you know that I’m a complete sucker for free games. Yes, they aren’t actually free because they have the now popular micro-transactions, but you get my point. Unlike most people I don’t actually spend any money on these games making them harder to complete and finish, but I’m glad to say that after two whole months of playing I finally finished this game. Was it worth the download? Keep reading to find out.

There really isn’t a story to this game. It’s a Bejeweled / Candy Crush type game that was ported from mobile onto the PS3 and PS4. If you know the movie Frozen, then it kind of follows the plot of that but not by story but by the pictures that change in the background during each level. If you’re looking for something with a story this isn’t it, so just let it go. (Cheesy pun that should have you rolling on the floor with laughter. No? I don’t even know why I try.) You’ll get five lives at a time and you’ll only lose a life when you don’t complete the goal of the level. Once that happens your life will regenerate after 30 minutes. There are 193 levels to complete, so there are a lot of things to do and each level has a rating system so you’ll get 1-3 stars for each of them.

BOO! After a while the whole daily reward thing just stopped working because of the “Disney Servers.” You would think that Disney would have better servers, so no servers meant no daily reward meaning that if you wanted special items you had to either complete goals in the game or buy them.

Yay…Kinda… Yes, I know a Boo and then Yay but that’s just how it goes. Yay because after a while the lives for this game never got lost even when you failed the level. Towards the end I would sometimes play for hours on the same life even though I would lose over and over again. I have no idea how this system works and I’m really not complaining. I will mention though that sometimes losing a level does take a life, but most of the time it doesn’t so the game is fickle.

At first this game is fun to play, and then you get to just about level 95 and you want it to be over. I have to say that after I got the last trophy, which doesn’t require you to actually complete the whole game, I just stopped playing and deleted it from my system because I was done. It’s basically level after level of the same thing. Yes, the challenges are different but there are times when the challenges are the same for 5 or more levels in a row. Not only was this boring, but sometimes just frustrating. Unlike other similar games, with this game, the board that you’re given doesn’t change unless you shut the game off and restart it. If you fail a level and play it again you’ll get the same board that you failed on. Nothing was really randomized and I just felt that was lazy.

While the game did stall on me once, that was about it when it came to bugs and glitches. Everything else worked fine and the game was simple enough to play. There are tutorials throughout the game to help you along the way and it follows the pattern of any match game. Make a match of 3 or more and you’re good to go.

The graphics weren’t bad for this simple game, but I wish some more time had went into the actual characters. Some of the characters looked a little off and you think with something that was created with the Disney name would have had better looking characters to resemble the characters in the film a little better, but this is a free game so I guess not. I will say that the backgrounds were detailed and enjoyable to look at while playing.

Now for the trophies. There are a total of 17 trophies for this game and they really just require you to play the game. Do just about everything possible in the game and you’ll get them. I’m going to be honest though. Do not download this game just for the trophies. They are not easy to get and you’ll spend hours, months, or maybe even money if you’re prone to that trying to get them. The four silver trophies for this game and 13 bronze are just not worth it.

While there is multiplayer for this game, it’s good old fashioned co-op. So bribe a friend to play with you as you have to play at least 50 games, or you can just hook up your spare controller and let your favorite furry friend sit next to it while you play. I want to say a big thank you to my very own furry friend who helped me out getting the co-op done. Little buddy, thank you. Thank you for sitting there in front of the controller and letting me beat you every time. I’ll get you that box of flavor bones you like so much as a reward. When playing the co-op, both players will receive a board of things to match and whoever makes the most matches in each two minute round gets to throw the most snowballs and wins the game.

Overall I give this game a 2 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ A lot of levels means a lot of things to do.
+ Unlimited lives…sometimes

What’s Not So Great:
Disney Servers are constantly down meaning no daily rewards which then means if you want special items you have to purchase them. Funny how the servers aren’t down for that.
Game gets really boring really fast. Doing the same thing over and over again is just not fun.
Some levels just feel unbeatable at times and you’ll spend hours if not days trying to beat them, but there’s a catch. If you buy some power-ups you’ll beat the level.

If you’re a Bejeweled or Candy Crush fan, I really wouldn’t recommend this game. Yes, it’s similar to both but it’s just not fun. If you want to give it a try because it’s free go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you have kids who love Frozen and you want to get this for them, I would say go ahead (they would have a better time playing a Lego game), but just make sure you don’t have your credit card stored on the PSN store because you might just get a huge bill since it’s easy to accidently click on one of those micro-transactions.


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