Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – How can you get more people to come to Sanctuary in Fallout 4?

Submitted by AnonymousHow can you get more people to come to Sanctuary in Fallout 4?

While I’ve heard a couple of different things, from my own experience the max population of any settlement in Fallout 4 is 21, which is how many people I currently have in Sanctuary. There are a couple of simple ways to build up your population to a booming 21 people in Sanctuary. When traveling and coming upon new companions you can choose to send them to Sanctuary. This will add to your overall population in Sanctuary, and the bonus is that you know where all of your companions are so they aren’t scattered throughout all of your settlements. Another way to build up your population is to build a recruitment radio beacon. The recruitment radio beacon will allow the common “settler” to join Sanctuary and these people are good for collecting food and running the shops since sometimes the companions sometimes ignore you. In order to build a recruitment beacon you’ll need the following:
• Circuitry – 2
• Crystal – 2
• Copper – 6
• Steel – 10
• Ceramic – 3
• Rubber – 1
You’ll also need electricity to run the beacon so make sure you build a generator near by. Once you have both the recruitment radio beacon built along with a generator make sure to attach them and then flip the switch on the recruitment radio beacon. You’ll see Sanctuary start to build up until you reach your max 21 population.

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    • Exactly! Build a whole bunch of stores in your settlement. The higher the tier of the store the better, but beware because this can cost a lot of caps.

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