Life is Strange – Episode 2 – Out of Time Review (PS4)

After the last episode of this game, I just had to play the second one. I had to see what was going to happen and exactly where this story was going. After my recent experience with Minecraft: Story Mode, I was a little weary of how episode two would play out but I was pleasantly surprised. Keep reading to see what I thought of the second episode.

Picking up right where you left off last episode, Max is still figuring out how to use her powers. Will she use them for good or will she use them for her own selfish purposes? As you already know from the previous episode, Kate is in some kind of trouble and this episode you’ll find out why. Playing as Max, this scene can play out a bunch of ways and it’s really up to you what happens to Kate. Max will also have some more time reconnecting with Chloe who I can’t really determine if she’s more happy about having her best friend back or if she’s just happy that Max has so-called “super powers.” Warren will continue to try and make advances on Max while Brooke looks on sullenly. Victoria will continue to be her super bitchy self with her mean girl-esque clique and the rest of the supporting cast will act like typical high school students. A lot happens in this episode with the introduction to some new characters who also had some connection to Rachel Amber, oh and that super take out the town tornado is basically still going to happen.

Kudos: The music for this game continues to be stellar. It’s seriously something that really makes the game better. It’s fitting for not only the high school environment, but also the whole Arcadia Bay environment.

Playing this episode made me realize that even though I despised my high school years, despised them, that I still had it a lot easier than high schoolers today. The lack of technology didn’t play a part in the bullying that I experienced during my high school years and I’m sure it would have made it a hell of a lot worse. In this episode you can see how much technology brings bullying to a new level and I seriously felt bad for Kate. She is having the worst possible day this episode and it’s all because of the Vortex Club. Being given the chance to help Kate was nice and by the end of the episode it really shows that your decisions throughout the game really play a part in how the other characters react to you. I also enjoyed the whole getting to know you thing that’s going on between Max and Chloe. Both of them aren’t the same people that they once were and they’re trying to learn to be friends again…or possibly more.

Funny little things: I like how when you make a decision a little blurb comes up on the top of the screen that says “this action will have consequences.” I find it hilarious that every time I water Max’s plant that little “this action will have consequences” blurb comes up. What kind of consequences will come from watering the plant? Does the plant have super human powers that will only excel because I’ve been watering it? Who knows?! By this time I’m expecting that if I keep watering it up until episode five it will take over the whole school.

I’m still super surprised how easy it is to actually play this game. Movements are easy and not stiff, even rewinding time is simple, although I have a little trouble sometimes controlling just how far back I rewind, I think that’s just a me problem. During this episode I didn’t experience any bugs or glitches and overall everything ran really smoothly.

Like with all of these episode based games, the graphics or each episode are basically going to be the same. So while I’m happy with the scenery and some of the people, some people continue to look a little cartoony to me. This is mostly on Chloe’s part, she really looks like she should be a character out of another game and not this one. Other than that I’m really happy with the graphics.

Complete this episode and take all the optional photos and you’ll earn yourself another 12 trophies. You’ll also be one step closer to getting the platinum trophy for this game. As with last episodes optional photo trophies, they’re pretty easy to spot if you use Max’s journal. Each episode has a clue as to what you’re supposed to be taking a photo of.

Yay for games that realize that not every game needs multiplayer.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ A focus and maybe even a closure on Kate’s story depending on how you play
+ A story that continues to be interesting and getting deeper with each new episode.
+ Relatable characters that are also flawed in their own ways.
+ The case of Rachel Amber continues to deepen with the introduction of new suspects.

What’s Not So Great:
Some characters still look a little cartoony, but at this point I’m not going to count it against the game.

I am really enjoying this game and I’m eager to play the next episode. To tell the truth, I’m eager to play the rest of the game and see how things turn out. I’ve avoided as many spoilers for this game as possible so while I have an overall gist of how things go, I don’t know all the details. As always, I really can’t recommend this game at the moment because everyone knows that even though the first two episodes were great, the next three might be total garbage so I’ll give my buy or pass recommendation during my fifth episode review.

SPOILERS! Below are my choices from the first episode, and also who I think is the main suspect in the disappearance of Rachel Amber.

Life is StrangeLife is Strange

Suspect: Mark Jefferson…still. I know with the introduction of Frank, I should probably consider him or even the creepy janitor a little more but those seem like the obvious suspects. I really continue to think that it’s Mark Jefferson because….REASONS.


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