Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Who makes a guest appearance in The Order: 1886?

With all the questions I have yet to answer, I figured I would start the year out with a fun question, so here you go.

Submitted by Anonymous Who makes a guest appearance in The Order: 1886?

Why Sackboy does of course! Everybody’s favorite Little Big Planet character makes a very special appearance in The Order: 1886 in the form of a little doll sitting on a desk. You can even pick him up if you want and twirl him around.

The Order: 1886

If you’re still searching for Sackboy you can find him in Chapter 3 of the game. He’s not hard to find and can be found in the scene where you have to leap across a gap in two buildings. When you move through one of the windows you’ll find a desk next to a door. On top of that desk is the little Sackboy doll.

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