Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 3 – The Last Place You Look Review (PS4)

After the last episode I was seriously in no hurry to play this one. I figured I should since the next episode had a released date and the episode after that shouldn’t be out too long after. Preparing myself for yet another let down from this game, I started this episode with not a lot of hope. Did things turn out better than the last episode? Keep reading to find out.

Episode 3 starts exactly where episode 2 ended. Ivor set forth this potion so that he could escape Soren’s lair by slowing down time for everyone but himself. With Ivor gone, it was up to Jesse and her new band of heroes to try and not only get out but to find Soren as well. Being the master builder that Soren is, this is no easy task as the group has to make their way through each maze that Soren has made to keep people out. All of Jesse’s searching leads them to an end portal that is filled with ender men, but at least it leads them to Soren who has been trying to use the ender men for good. You’ll also find out kind of why Soren went into hiding in the first place. It turns out people he thought were friends really weren’t and were basically just using him. Oh Soren how I can so relate. The group will eventually get what they need, but will it be enough to stop the Wither storm?

Boo! This thing with Petra is a lot like what happened to Lee in The Walking Dead: Season 1. Do we tell everyone or do we not tell everyone? It’s a recycled story line and for me those are a big no-no. I mean if you didn’t play both games then you wouldn’t know this is a recycled story but for those of us who have played both it just seems uncreative.

I have to be honest, this episode just bored me to tears. It went on and on and when you thought it was over and you started thinking why the hell does this thing have two more episodes, it shows you why in a kind of unsurprising way. I’m starting to feel that the three episodes would have been sufficient but the five episodes just had to happen, they just had to! Even the stuff with Petra and Lucas wasn’t enough to hold my attention or even interest me in anyway and I just desperately wanted the episode to be over. At this point, I’m thinking that nothing can really save this game.

While there were no issues with loading times or trophy issues or any of the common Telltale problems, which is a plus again, the fighting is just awful! It went from a series of quick time events to what it was from the previous two episodes. Not only was that annoying as hell, but it made me think that Telltale just needs to make up their mind on how they want to handle the fighting sequences. I have no problem with the quick time events since it’s worked in the past, but seriously just choose one. Trying to incorporate both of them into the game is annoying and just making it worse.

The graphics for this episode were on par for the previous two episodes, although I thought they were lacking a little. The only really interesting area was the wool creation that Soren had made in his lair, everything else just looked a little bland for someone who was supposed to be a master builder.

Get through this episode and you’ll find yourself another 7 trophies closer to the platinum trophy that you should be receiving at the end of the fifth episode. As a bonus this is also the last episode that has a missable trophy. The trophy isn’t that hard and it just requires you to exhaust all conversation options with Reuben at a certain point in the game.

As always no multiplayer and what a bonus that is when it comes to this game.

Overall I give this episode a 2 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ No common Telltale problems, and here’s hoping they are seriously gone for good.
+ Soren is finally found and the original heroes are reunited.

What’s Not So Great:
Re-used plot lines from other Telltale games.
Uninteresting story that dragged on for too long only to really have no conclusion.
Graphics were on par but a little uncreative for this episode.

After the last episode and now this episode, I’m really not looking forward to the next two episodes. I don’t see where the story is going or if it’s even going anywhere. Right now I’m even regretting my decision to get this game for the PS3. Even though I don’t like to give a buy or pass rating on these games until all the episodes come out, at the moment I’m going to say hold off on this one to see how it plays out first and see if it’s worth it to invest the time and money for this game.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the third episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode


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