Life is Strange – Episode 3 – Chaos Theory Review (PS4)

As you already know, I’m completely loving this game. I’m always eager to play the next episode since they’re all released, and this one was no different. I think what I’m most eager to see if what I’m doing is making the right decisions or if I’m not and really just messing up everyone’s lives in the process. Have I said how much I’m totally loving this game? Keep reading to find out more about Chaos Theory.

The adventures of Max continues this episode as it’s time to find out what’s really going on at Blackwell Academy. Where is Rachel Amber, why was Kate so eager to fling herself off a building all Lost and Delirious style, why is Nathan so untouchable, was Rachel Amber using Frank or was she really having a thing with him, and the questions can go on and on. So in order to find some answers, it’s time for Max and Chloe to do some at night detective work. You’ll be taking this time to grab some of the files in the principal’s office, who is seriously such a tool, by doing a little breaking and entering. While most of the episode is serious, you’ll find some downtime to hang out in the famous home of the Otters pool with Chloe. After that some serious shit hits the fan and you’ll see why Chloe is the way she is. You’ll have your chance to go back in time, way far back, to change that, but will it be for the better?

Sad Face. Yes I know in my last review I made fun of the “this action will have consequences” that came with watering the plant or as Max likes to call her “Lisa” and there seriously were. Lisa is now dead because apparently I over watered her. Not only can I not take care of plants in real life, but I also can’t take care of them in video games. Go me! I just hope I don’t end up killing Kate’s bunny now…

Kudos. I just want to take this time to mention that I absolutely love the title of this episode. It’s extremely fitting and basically sets the tone for the episode as a whole. I’m glad that the creators of the game went with the Chaos Theory instead of Butterfly Effect, which was just an awful movie by the way, but they seriously could have especially with the whole butterfly thing in the first episode but they didn’t. So good on them.

There was not one moment in this episode where I was not glued to my TV screen. It’s a nice concept to think that after all the time that Max and Chloe spent apart that they can kind of just pick up where they left off and be friends again, this I know for a fact is really not true, but this is about the game. They have this bond, and maybe something a little more if Warren would just back the hell off, that goes back to childhood even though both of them have changed. This episode really makes you feel for Chloe though. As much as I am really digging her character, at times I roll my eyes at the teenage angst that she experiences throughout each episode. After this episode I could really feel for her, see why she’s really acting out, and why she is the way she is. The whole going back in time through the picture thing was a complete shock to me and the way the episode ended was even more shocking making me crave the next episode

While mostly everything stayed the same this episode, as they usually do through these episodic games, there were a few hiccups. During a loading scene the game got stuck a little, but eventually fixed itself and then one of the rewinds didn’t work correctly making me have to restart from the last checkpoint. There was also the time I got stuck in a wall behind a wall and couldn’t rewind so I had to restart from the last checkpoint again, which I’m thinking was my own error. Other than that the episode ran extremely smooth and those little hiccups were only small annoyances and nothing major. I will admit though that the rewinding time itself is a little tricky at times and hard to get used to especially the speed thing and sometimes I end up rewinding way to much or not enough.

The graphics for this episode are right on par with the previous two episodes and my only complaint still is that some of the characters look a little cartoony for my taste.

Complete this episode and take all the optional photos and you’ll have yourself another 12 trophies to add to your collection and take you one step closer to getting the platinum for this game by the end. This is one of those games though that you just have to experience and really not play for the trophies. I would say that this time around, I found the pictures a little harder to find since the drawings of them in Max’s notebook were a little more vague.

Not every game needs multiplayer. Learn from this big companies that force multiplayer, learn.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Even though you know about Chloe this episode offers a little more insight into her.
+ Your choices really do have consequences! Don’t over water Lisa!
+ That ending, which I won’t spoil! But seriously, I did not see that coming.
+ Another strong story in this episode that not only adds to the game as a whole, but is interesting on its own.

What’s Not So Great:
Just a few hiccups in the playability along the way but nothing major.

I know I said I wouldn’t give my recommendation until the very last episode of this game, but seriously I can’t hold off. If you like episodic games and you want something different than what Telltale has to offer then go and pick up this game. You can play all five episodes right now without waiting month after month for a new episode to be released, and experience a really story driven game that is different from anything out there. After that shocker ending that just ended the episode, I’m extremely eager to see where the next episode goes and how it’s all going to end. Did altering the past that much alter the future? Will the tornado still rear its ugly head and destroy the town? Was it right to alter the past thinking Max knew what was best for Chloe? So many questions!

SPOILERS! Below are my choices from the third episode, and also who I think is the main suspect in the disappearance of Rachel Amber.

Life is StrangeLife is Strange

Suspect: My main suspect is still Mark Jefferson. I just want to say that I haven’t read any spoilers for this game at all, which was hard, so if you’re reading this and I’m actually correct I don’t want you thinking that I’m cheating. This episode made me completely eliminate Frank from the suspect list because it was apparent that Rachel cared for him and it seems like he cared for her as well.


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