Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What are the good choices in The Walking Dead Season 2?

Submitted by Anonymous What are the good choices in The Walking Dead Season 2?

Just as a warning, this answer may contain some SPOILERS. You’ve been warned so continue reading at your own risk.

There are a bunch of choices to make in The Walking Dead Season 2, and I mean a bunch of them. As Clementine you’ll be faced with a bunch of hard choices that for some reason, which is also kind of funny, the group of adults that you’re traveling with will look to you to make. Looks like the zombie apocalypse has changed things so much that now children are in charge. Anyway, some of the more difficult decisions throughout the season involve deciding who lives and who dies, Pete or Nick, Kenny or Jane, that poor dog, deciding whether or not to forgive people, deciding whether or not to tell the truth, deciding if Clementine is going to watch Kenny beat a man to death, deciding if Kenny’s girlfriend Sarita will have her arm chopped off, deciding if Clementine is willing to risk her own life to save the lives of others, and the list goes on and on. All of these decisions are hard ones to make and you have to do them in a limited time.

So back to the question, what are the good choices in this game. I have to honestly answer that by saying I don’t know. The choices that you make throughout the game are your own and I feel that there are no right or wrong choices and no good or bad choices. This game is strictly based on how you want to play Clementine. Having played the game three different times, I of course changed things up from time to time. Sometimes I played the sweet and innocent Clementine that continued to be sweet and innocent from season one and sometimes I played as a Clementine who had become bitter and unruly based on everything that she’s already been through.

You shouldn’t see your choices in this game as either good or bad, but just how you want to play. All of the choices you’re going to make have some kind of consequence so either way sometimes you’re kinda screwed. My best advice would be to just play how you want to play and not worry about whether the choice you made was good or bad.

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  1. Season 2 was so dark. I played as bitter Clementine because I chose to kill Lee and I figured that’d shatter her innocence.

    • Season 2 was extremely dark. On my first playthrough I kinda played a mix of a bitter Clementine with a little bit of hope still left until she was eventually shattered all over again.

      • The first time around I did, just because of everything that went down at that place. That was kind of the turning point again that made me turn Clementine bitter once more. There was that moment of hope when she reconnected with Kenny, but after seeing that there was no way she could still be played as an innocent child.

      • Ha, which of course didn’t last. No matter how you handled the Sarita situation made him hate you anyway so it was a no win situation with him.

      • Ya I was pissed. Poor Kenny tho. You kinda feel for him even though he can be the worst

      • It’s hard not to feel bad for Kenny. He’s basically lost everything, his wife and son, his best friend, his eye, and then his girlfriend. The zombie apocalypse has not been good to him.

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