Weekly Trophy Tip – Fat Princess Adventures – Gearhead

While this trophy isn’t one that I can give you an actual tip to help you get this trophy faster, this is a trophy like Rocket League’s Stacked, I can at least tell you what you’re looking for so that you have a checklist of sorts. Let’s get you one step closer to getting this trophy.

Fat Princess Adventures – Gearhead
Collect 100 pieces of gear – Gold
TIP: There is no easy way to say this, but the gear drops are completely random and you have to collect all of the gear that the game has to offer, making you have a total of 116 between all four of your characters. Pick up the same gear twice? You only get credit for picking it up the first time. There is no easy way to get this trophy and it’s a complete grind to get it. Knowing what you need helps though, so here are all the gear items that you have to have in order to get the trophy.

Warrior – 29 Items

Main Weapon
• Old Kingdom Sword
• Surto’s Special
• Gobbling’s Bane
• Omen Blade
• Cutlass Supreme
• Sword of Cakinite
• Rubber Chicken
• Frost Fyre

• Old Kingdom Shield
• Waffle Shield
• Ancient Oaken Basher
• Hallowed Heater
• Shield of Destiny
• Dragon Cross

• Old Kingdom Helmet
• Frontline Helmet
• Gobbling Trashcan
• Champion’s Helmet
• Helm of the Crow
• Fire Ram Cap
• Calvin’s Special Helm
• Cold War(rior)
• Drago’s Protector
• Vorpal Visor

• Old Kingdom Armor
• Thorny Suit
• Thermal Underwear
• Dwarf Armor
• Berserker Armor

Mage – 29 Items

• ACME Magical Staff
• Arsonists Blaze
• Transmuters Glory
• Icicle Staff
• Staff of the Viper
• Unicorn Horn
• Sucrose Summoner
• Lightning’s Rod
• Killer Staff

• Herrloom Band
• Mailorder Ring
• Ring of Affliction
• Life’s Burden
• Necrominiknuckle
• Magical Decoder Ring

• Old Kingdom Mage Hat
• Kamac’s Divine Answer
• Gobbling Grinder
• Crown of Warding
• Miraculin’s Cap
• Tentacolo
• Phantom Visage
• Hat of Pigeonholing
• Helm of Future Sight
• Magic Trapper Hat

• Robes of Bath
• Stunning Onesie
• Caker’s Cloak
• Gown of Ancients

Archer – 30 Items

• Ranger Lowbow
• S’more Shot
• Piercing Gaze
• Great Hunting Bow
• Bow of the Viper
• Aikana’s Magic Bow
• Hazzard County Special
• Gnarled Frost Branch
• Shattered Dreams

• Spider Knife
• Sacred Oak Dagger
• Barbarian Steak Knife
• Super Forked
• Reaper Fang
• Olympus Blade

• Old Kingdom Archer Cap
• William’s Tell
• Gobbling Skull Cap
• Forest Theif Hat
• Kettle of the Bayou
• Torturer’s Cap
• Elemental Helm
• Herme’s Guidance
• Robin’s Hood
• Olympus Helm

• Hunters Tunic
• Forest Bark Suit
• Phase Vest
• Herme’s Deliverance
• Robin’s Garb

Engineer – 28 Items

Main Weapon
• Wooden Mallet
• Pound Cake
• Sprong!
• Ol’ John Henry
• Smackerel
• Thumper
• Thunder Doom
• Mallet of Mayhem
• Notched Carver
• Barbarian Crusher

• Cherry Bombs
• Stink Bombs
• Ball Lightening
• Bullet Poppers
• Leftover Grenades
• Salt Bombs

• Old Kingdom Engineer Hat
• Bandana of Might
• Gobbling Strainer
• Blast Goggles
• Executioners Chorg
• Wilson’s Choice
• Crown of “OK” Ideas
• Sanders Army Helmet

• Coveralls
• Tactical Blast Vest
• Fancy Thunderpants
• Reinforced Chassis

And there you have it, all 116 weapons that you need in order to get the Gearhead trophy. Like I said before, each piece of gear drops randomly but knowing what you need is half the battle.

Have anything additional to add to my tip? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it in and give you credit. Need help with a specific trophy? I’m always looking for my next weeks tip so throw out some suggestions in the comments section. If I have the trophy I’ll post a tip on how to get it.



  1. I’m comparing my equipment list to yours, and I’m finding a few items I have that you do not. I’m still trying to track down a few things on your list (Dragon Cross, Vorpal Visor, Killer Staff, Magic Trapper Hat, Shattered Dreams, Olympus Helm, Robin’s Garb, Notched Carver, and Barbarian Crusher), however, so this was definitely helpful
    Warrior Sword: Olive Branch
    Mage Staff: Prismatic Staff; Robes: Gown of the Ancients
    Archer Bow: Porcupine Bow
    Engineer Helm: One-Eyed Willy

    • Glad this was able to help. I’ll look into the weapons that you mentioned and see if those were maybe added in by updates. It’s been a while since I picked up this game to play.

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