Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 4 – A Block and a Hard Place Review (PS4)

After the last two episodes, I was not at all happy with this game. The first episode I thought was great and then from there it was just a complete disappointment. I didn’t want to leave this episode hanging though since I have a bunch of other games that are just begging to be played, so I figured I would give this a go as soon as possible. Did this episode follow the previous two and just be plain bad? Was it worse? Was it even good? Keep reading to find out.

Picking up right where you left off in the third episode, the super formidabomb didn’t exactly destroy the wither storm the way it should have, it’s up to the new hero’s to once again step in and save the day hopefully ending the wither storm for good this time. In order to do that you’re going to have to travel to the far end where no one really has ever gone before. To kill the wither storm you’re going to need a super enchanted weapon and there will be some twists and turns along the way. You’ll find out even more about the original Order of the Stone and just like Telltale promised, the wither storm story is officially over. Where will the new hero’s go from there? No one knows but the fifth and final episode promises to wrap things up.

While I wasn’t exactly eager to play this episode, it wasn’t all that bad. I did enjoy the twist that that Order of the Stone aren’t who they say they really are and it’s no wonder why Ivor is pissed and creates the wither storm in the first place. While things may have gotten a little confusing at times with going through the mazes and the puzzles, the game played out pretty well in the end. I thought that the ending to the wither storm was both a good thing and bitter sweet. If you’ve played the episode then you know what I’m talking about, and for those of you wondering, yes I did cry like a little baby. Although there’s another episode, I’m not really sure if the games needs one. The new hero’s have proven themselves more than once, I mean come on they got rid of a monster destroying the world, so where this game is going to go I have no idea. At this point, I’m not really eager to find out and I’m thinking that this game could have been a simple three episodes instead of stretching it out to five.

While there were surprisingly no loading issues or trophy pop issues, there were some movement issues with the camera especially when in the maze and when in Ivor’s lair. At times things were a little confusing and annoying kind of taking away from the overall game as a whole. The fighting once again switched back and forth between some quick time events and regular click to attack. At this point I really wish this game would realize that the quick time events work better for the battle sequences and would just do away with the trying to aim and do all of this other stuff which isn’t as responsive as the quick time events.

The graphics were the same for this episode as they have been for the game as a whole. I once again expected to be Ivor’s lair a little more detailed, but it was kind of dull. Other than that you still get the whole Minecraft vibe from the graphics and I’m sure that’s all that really mattered.

There are a total of 6 trophies for this episode and luckily all you have to do is actually just play the game in order to get them. Gone are the “do something particular at this particular time” trophies so don’t worry about missing anything. One more episode to go and you’ll have the platinum if you’ve done everything in the previous three episodes.

As always no multiplayer needed or wanted.

Overall I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ An interesting turn of events that reveals the true nature of the Order of the Stone.
+ A final conclusion to the wither storm with a semi happy ending depending on how you look at things.
+ An overall improvement from the previous two epiosdes, but not that much.

What’s Not So Great:
The mixture of quick time events and point and click action sequences just doesn’t work and gets annoying.
This really felt like the final episode, and I’m not sure why there’s going to be a fifth.
While the graphics fit with Minecraft, I thought Ivor’s lair would be a little more detailed or have more effort put into creating it.

I’m really hoping that the fifth episode for this game comes out soon. With the defeat of the wither storm, I’m not sure I really care enough about the new hero’s to see what’s going to happen to them. Will they become jaded like the original Order of the Stone or will they stay the same people they are at the end of the fourth episode. I guess that’s what the fifth episode is going to concentrate on, but I don’t actually know if this game needs it. At this point it just seems like a money grab.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the fourth episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode



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