This Week in Trophies 01-31-2016 – 02-06-2016

While I did get some trophies this week, believe me it was nothing spectacular, I did have something pretty awesome happen to me. Those of you who read this blog and also follow me on Twitter probably already seen it, but for those of you who didn’t, take a look:

God of War Contest

Pretty cool huh? While this kind of makes up for a less than exciting trophy week, I also am hating that I’ve been super busy with almost no time to game. Anyway, here are my trophies for the week.

Mad Max – 20%

I spent some time wandering around in Mad Max this week, which by the way has a ton of things to do. I mean the amount of time you spend looking for scrap is just crazy and deters you from actually playing the story which if you think about it, is less than mediocre. Anyway, I started the game and I want to finish it to the 100% so I’m going to keep going even if I couldn’t care less about the main story. I’m hoping something will come up making me enjoy the story at some point.

Mad Max Mad MaxMad Max

Sparkle Unleashed – 14%

I started this game this week mostly because on those days when I don’t have time to game, I HAVE TO GAME (my brain demands that I do) and since I don’t have a whole lot of time, this does it for me. This game is a complete 180 change from Sparkle 2 and I’m not really sure if I like the new style yet. I’ll have a better feel for things when I complete my first playthrough.

Sparkle Unleashed Sparkle UnleashedSparkle Unleashed

Lemmings Touch – 10%

I picked up this game this week for free thanks to PS+ and I figured since I haven’t used my vita for months, I would give it a try. I also used to play the original Lemmings on my NES and it was one of my favorites. I used to rent it from the local mom and pop video rental store, before Blockbuster came around and destroyed them, and played for hours. I have to admit though that I’m still getting used to the Vita version, mostly because the controls are sketchy at best and most of the time inaccurate. I’ll continue to play this game in my spare time.

So what’s in store for this week? Work…work…and more work. I’ve been on this pattern of get up, work, sleep, rinse and repeat for a couple of weeks now and I’m seeing a couple of more weeks of this in the future. So what does this mean for gaming? It means a hell of a lot less which makes me cranky, but I will try to get some Mad Max in and continue to try and finish Tearaway Unfolded. I’ll probably continue to play Sparkle Unleashed for those times when I can squeeze in 30 minutes or so of free time in my work day and I’ll try to get some Lemmings Touch in during some TV time. Other than that everything else is just going to have to wait. I’ll let you know if I found some kind of balance next week.



  1. I completely disagree with you about Mad Max. The story is a classic Mad Max story in my opinion and I really enjoyed. It’s one of the best games I played last year.

    Congrats on winning the God of War stuff. I’m not a GoW fan, but congrats :].

    • I guess with Mad Max I’m still waiting for that “WOW” factor when it comes to the story. At the moment, I just finished Act 2, nothing is really pulling me in and keeping me all that interested story wise. I guess I just have to keep playing to see.

      Thanks! I was pretty surprised myself since I never win any of those things. I’ve been playing GoW since the PS2 days and I have to admit that with that game there are a few of them that are hit and miss.

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