Fat Princess Adventures Review (PS4)

As a fan of the original Fat Princess and Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, it was a pretty easy choice to pick this game up. What I like about this series of games though is that each one is completely different from the previous one. This not only keeps the series interesting, but it allows the series to grow. After a little over a week of playing I finally got the platinum trophy and here’s what I thought about the game overall.

The story of this game revolves around the Blue and Pink families that are constantly at war, except for now because the Bitter Queen has taken custody of both princess’s. The Bitter Queen has some bitter plans and it’s up to you, picking to play any of the four character classes (you can play one or play them all, the choice is yours), to not only save the princess’s but to put a stop to the Bitter Queen.

Unlike the other two Fat Princess games, this game does a complete 180 and is more of a Diablo like hack and slash RPG game. To tell you the truth, being a huge fan of Diablo, this is what really drew me into this game. I enjoyed Diablo III immensely, even though I griped about the grinding, and this game was almost an exact copy of what Diablo does just in a cartoon version. Although there is a lot of grinding, and I mean a lot of grinding, it’s not to the same extent as Diablo. I can’t really say that there was a point in this game that I didn’t enjoy, I also like the new added aspect of actual co-op play which is a nice thing to have especially since you have to play though the harder difficulties.

Kudos: The dialog in this game, although repetitive at times, is actually funny. I enjoyed the Dexter references as well as other references that were made throughout the game that have to do with pop culture and everything else. Each different personality of character said different things and it made the game that much more interesting.

The playability of this game was as any game should be simple and flawless. The hack and slash mechanisms of the game worked when they should and they worked properly making this game easy to play. The changes in difficulty with the levels made things interesting because even though you had to hack and slash your way through the game you had to come up with different strategies to beat the same levels at a higher difficulty. While there were no game breaking bugs or glitches, there was some lag that at times ruined some of the aspects of the game. Other than that the game ran flawlessly.

The graphics for this game were what you should have already expected from a Fat Princess game, that’s not say that they were bad, but they were cartoony in nature and a little over exaggerated. For this type of game there was nothing wrong with that and it worked really well. I enjoyed that the some of the cut scenes were told like a story book with a narrator. All of the graphics were full of detail and really immersed you in the game.

What’s a PS4 game without trophies right? Complete this game and you’ll be able to add an additional 29 trophies to your gamer card. I will warn you though, these trophies are not at all easy. While of course some of them are and there are those for leveling up and killing monsters that you’ll get naturally, the others you have to really work at making them really grindy and they just might not be for everyone. If you’re looking for an easy platinum to add to your list, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a good challenging set of trophies, then this is the game for you.

While there is no PVP multiplayer, this whole game can be played online in co-op mode. Although I have to say that when it comes to some games I would rather play alone, this is one of the games where it was nice to have a group of up to 4 people to play with and I met some really great people playing online and even made a new friend. While playing online with other people, you can either play the regular story mode or you can play in the grindhouse. Think of the grindhouse as farming the boss battles in Boderlands because that’s what grindhouse is all about. The only difference is you can specifically pick the boss battles and make things more challenging by having personal challenges along with group challenges. While the servers for this game are a little dried up already, so it might be hard to find people to play with, you can always use sites like PSNProfiles.com to look for people to play with…or even join my 1BrokeGamerGirl community on the PS4 where I would be willing to add this game back onto my system and play from time to time. If you want to join, leave your PSN ID in the comments section below or send me a DM on Twitter if you don’t want your name public. I’ll add you to my friends list and send you a community invite.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Fun game to play…even better with other people.
+ The story, although simple, adds to the overall game value.
+ Hack and slash mechanisms that work and are simple making this game effortless to play.
+ Fun cartoon graphics that fit into the Fat Princess universe.

What’s Not So Great:
The game can get a bit laggy from time to time and this is never fun.
The servers aren’t all that active so if you’re looking for something that has thousands upon thousands of people are playing, this isn’t it.
Although not really a bad thing, this game does require a lot of grinding.

If you’re a fan of the hack and slash genre of games, or even just a fan of Fat Princess, I would give this game a thumbs up to pick up from the PSN store. It provides hours of fun and is a challenging game to play. If you’re looking for easy trophies this game is not for you or if you’re one that really isn’t into grinding away for hours upon hours to get one trophy that should be simple, then this game also isn’t for you. I will say that if you’re a fan of Diablo, but you want something a little lighter both story wise and game play wise then you’re not going to regret giving this game a try.


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