This Week in Trophies 02-28-2016 – 03-05-2016

After last week’s surge of trophies, I thought this week would pretty much be the same, but damn was I completely wrong. Life mostly got in the way this week and I wasn’t able to get that much done, but I was able to get a new platinum trophy so that has to count for something. Anyway, here’s a breakdown of my trophies for the week.

Taco Master – 100%

That’s right, platinum trophy # 52 came this week from Taco Master for the PS Vita. It was the first PS Vita game that I played in a while and over the past week I got some pretty good use out of that system. I’ll have my full review of the game up in a few weeks to let you know what I thought of it.

Mad Max – 28%

I am still slowly making my way through this game. Most of this is my fault because I really just can’t get into the game and it’s like I’m forcing myself to play. I just arrived in Pink Eye’s territory and I’m doing a few random missions here and there, but to me this game has just been one big scavenger hunt without any real substance. I’m still waiting for that WOW factor in the story.

Mad Max

Sparkle Unleashed – 52%

I finished the main quest for the first time on Normal and am now making my way through Hard difficulty before going on to Nightmare difficulty and then eventually going through the survival mode. Compared to the other Sparkle game that I played, I think that 10tons changed a little too much this time around and even though it’s a Sparkle game, it really isn’t the same. When I finish the game I’ll let you know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Sparkle Unleashed

Unravel – 73%

As frustrating as it is at times to go back and get through a level without dying, I’m still having a good time playing this game. I enjoy the different environments, I enjoy the overall story and message the game is delivering, and I enjoy playing as little Yarny.


So there you have it, all of my trophies for this week. Certinally nothing to brag about, but at least I did complete a game and get the platinum trophy doing so. That has to count for something. Hopefully life is less crazy this week and I can get back to some major gaming during my free time, but you never know. The only thing I would really like to accomplish this week is finishing up Unravel and getting the platinum trophy for it. Other than that I’m going to just go with the flow. I’ll let you know how things turned out next week.


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