Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is Tales from the Borderlands confusing?

Submitted by Anonymous Is Tales from the Borderlands confusing?

For this answer, it depends if you’ve ever played Borderlands before or if you’re a Borderlands fan. I’m going to say that if you played Borderlands and you have a general knowledge of Borderlands, then no this Telltale choose your own adventure version Tales from the Borderlands is not confusing. It pretty much takes place leading up to the opening events of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and some time after Borderlands 2. I would say though that if you have played Borderlands and you’re not a fan, this game will probably hold no interest for you since it’s basically the same game, but done in a Telltale way which means less action and more story telling.

Now, if you’re a Borderlands fan like I am, then hell no this game is not confusing. It actually makes a lot of sense because you can see exactly how Athena is captured leading up to the opening scene of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel plus it gives some insight to what’s going on after Borderlands 2, and maybe leads into the events that might take place in Borderlands 3. It’s kind of an inbetween game with characters that you know and love as well as new characters that fit nicely into the whole Borderlands universe.

If you don’t fall into the previous two categories and you’ve never even played Borderlands, then yes this game is very confusing. In order to get the fullest out of the game you really have to have some knowledge of the universe and the craziness that is Borderlands. I would say that if you want to get this game then you should probably play the other three Borderlands games just to know what’s going on, get to know some of the characters, and get used to the type of humor that is used throughout the game.

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