This Week in Trophies 03-27-2016 – 04-02-2016

With the release of a few episodic games this week, it was a pretty decent trophy week. I did at least get a platinum trophy as well as a bunch of other random trophies here and there. I made a hell of a lot of progression in Bully and had a surprising moment this week. Keep reading to find out more.

Bully – 73%

I continued playing this game this week because I just love it. It was one of my favorite PS2 games and ever since it was re-released for the PS4 I haven’t been able to put it down. Every chance I get I play as much as possible. I don’t want to jinx it but I think the platinum trophy might be coming my way pretty damn soon.

Bully BullyBully BullyBully BullyBully BullyBully BullyBully BullyBully

Minecraft: Story Mode – 100%

The last episode was finally released, thanks for making us wait so long Telltale, and I of course played it because I just wanted to finish this game and be done with it, but surprise there’s going to be DLC. Guess I’m not really done with this game after all. Anyway, I’ll have my review for Episode 5 – Order Up! in the upcoming weeks.

Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode

Fallout 4 – 86%

By some miraculous event I was able to find a save for this game that wasn’t in the final boss battle, that didn’t include me just flailing around with no ammo. It was an actual save from two hours previous to my embarrassing moment. Yes I had to go back and do a bunch of stuff, but it was well worth it since I had already put so much time into my one save and I was finally able to finish the Automatron DLC. My full review of the DLC will be up this week.

Fallout 4

The Walking Dead: Michonne – 66%

The second episode of this three part episode game also came out this week and I didn’t want to put off playing it, so I was able to squeeze that episode in as well this week. Like always, because I have a review coming up, I don’t want to say too much about it right now so you’ll just have to wait for my full review of Give NO Shelter.

The Walking Dead: Michonne The Walking Dead: MichonneThe Walking Dead: Michonne The Walking Dead: MichonneThe Walking Dead: Michonne The Walking Dead: MichonneThe Walking Dead: Michonne

That was it for this week. A pretty exciting week for me. I was super super happy that I was able to find a Fallout 4 save so I didn’t just give up on that game as a whole. So what’s in store for this week? I’m going to take a little break from Fallout 4 since all I have left are some repeating missions and that gets boring really fast and I’m going to continue playing Bully whenever I get the chance hoping to get the platinum for this game. I’m also going to start playing the original Mass Effect on my PS3. This should be pretty fun since I’ve only played this game once before. I’m hoping to make my way through the series again in order to get the full 100% on each game. I’ll let you know how things went next week.



    • I’m very eager for the new Mass Effect. How soon it will come out though…that’s another situation. I would be more eager if it was still slated to release at the end of the year like it was supposed to, but with it being pushed back until “early” 2017 I’m not sure.

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