Fallout 4 – Automatron DLC Review

To tell you the truth, I’ve been waiting for this DLC for a while and that’s mostly because as much as I enjoyed playing the game I also got bored of it after I finished the main quest. Yes I had other quests to do and other trophies to get, but the quests were the same over and over again and it got boring really fast. Anyway, I was eager to get back into the game especially with some new content. Keep reading to see what I thought about the DLC as a whole.

Like the majority of Fallout 4, the Automatron DLC is a bit lack luster when it comes to the overall story. Once you download the DLC and load it, you’ll be assigned a new mission that will introduce you to Ada. Ada is a robot whose group was just killed by another set of robots. These aren’t bad robots really, they just have bad programming. (I could take this opportunity to joke about some bad programming in Fallout 4, but I won’t.) Now it’s your job, along with your new companion Ada, to hunt down this person programming these robots known as The Mechanist. The DLC will resolve itself after four short missions, the way things usually resolve themselves in the world of Fallout.

With the story being as lackluster as it was, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. I did enjoy the fighting the new enemies which brought a new challenge to the game since even at level 52, the robots are super hard to beat. That will be the most interesting and challenging part of the whole DLC although I will admit that once you get to know the Mechanist, if you take that route, there is actually lot of potential for this to be a really cool character. Other than that, it was very much the same wash, rinse, and repeat formula that the game as a whole has.

While everything was pretty much the same as it was with Fallout 4, the one new thing this DLC adds into the game is the ability to create and modify your own robots. Like any other crafting in the game it can be tricky at times, but once you get used to it you’ll be building some pretty awesome robots. While playing I didn’t experience any additional bugs or glitches that weren’t in the original game to begin with, so it’s pretty much the same thing.

The graphics for this DLC were the exact same as the original game which really isn’t a surprise since it takes place in the same area of the game with the addition of a few new spots on the map. Like the game as a whole, the graphics are pretty badass and the addition of the robots only enhanced that. When the robots aren’t trying to murder you every chance they get, they are pretty cool to look at and filled with detail. You can tell it took a lot of imagination to create these robots and it paid off.

There are an additional 5 trophies that come with this DLC. The trophies range from the 3 that you get for completing the story to collecting 10 robot mods and then building 10 robot mods. All of these trophies are extremely easy to complete and you’ll collect the 10 robot mods fairly quickly as long as you loot each and every robot that you kill. Once you’re ready to build your own robot, just make sure to use 10 different mods and then you’ll have all the trophies for the DLC.

As with the original game there is no multiplayer, although the difficulty of the game at times made me wish I had a buddy with me to fight off all the robots.

Overall I give this DLC a 3.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Additional content for the game so you’ll want to keep playing with something new instead of doing another settlement mission for Preston.
+ Robots! Because who doesn’t like robots, even ones that are trying to murder you.
+ New companions and characters.

What’s Not So Great:
Lackluster story that doesn’t really add all that much to the game as a whole.
Missions were too short and too few, plus the new DLC also includes a new mission that starts over and over again once it’s complete like the settlement missions.

While I didn’t really get all that much enjoyment out of the DLC as a whole, I did like the new challenge it brought to the game as well as the addition of the new characters and companions. I would say that if you didn’t buy the Season Pass for this game when it was still at its original price, then I would hold off until a Game of the Year addition of this game comes out. The DLC by itself wasn’t worth the $10 that it’s going for at the moment since it just didn’t add all that much to the game content wise. While I suggest to hold off on this DLC, if you’re the type of person who wants some really cool robot enemies in the game and want to be able to build your own robots then you’ll probably want to pick this one up. Just be forewarned that the story is lackluster.


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