Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What is the easiest way to get 500 stars in Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight?

Submitted by Anonymous What is the easiest way to get 500 stars in Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight?

Here’s the thing, the trophy for getting 500 stars in this game is pretty rare, ultra rare even, so the easiest answer to this is that there is no easy way to get this trophy because if there was then everyone would have it. I’m sure that wasn’t the answer that you were looking for so I’m going to give you a few tips to make getting 500 stars a little bit easier then what it is.

This is the kind of trophy that is going to require a grind and a lot of time. My suggestion is that you don’t have to play all the levels in the game. If you get three stars on every level you’ll only have to play at least 167 levels. What I did was I just played normally until I reached about level 183, after that I went back and started replaying the levels that I didn’t get three stars on and I played them until I was able to get 3 stars or even 2 because anything other than 1 helps. You will get frustrated doing this and getting the 3 stars sometimes is just dumb luck. When you get frustrated put down the game or just go to a different level. Before you know it you’ll have the 500 stars that you’re looking for.

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