This Week in Trophies 04-03-2015 – 04-09-2016

Although I was able to get a platinum trophy this week, other than that it was a pretty boring trophy week so this is going to be a pretty quick blog. I will tell you the reason why this week is so boring and lackluster. It wasn’t because I wasn’t gaming, because believe me I was, it was mostly because I spent the day Sunday playing the original Mass Effect and the last two days of the week playing the Battleborn Open Beta. Anyway, here’s what I did get this week.

Bully – 100%

I finally got the platinum trophy for this game this week. I didn’t really think it would take me as long as it did, but the last trophy required a real grind as I tried to save up enough money to buy every single piece of clothing in the game. Other than that I had a great time revisiting this game and I’ll have my full review for this game in a few weeks.

Bully BullyBully BullyBully Bully

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – 73%

I picked up three more trophies for this game this week and believe me getting this last trophies is no easy feat. I’m pretty sure I won 25 matches of Gardens & Graveyards, but I still don’t have the trophy for it which is weird. Anyway, part of me is completely bored with this game and the other part of me wants to get the 100% and the platinum trophy for this game so we’ll have to see where this goes.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden WarfarePlants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

That was it for this week. Not that exciting and I’m going to say that it wasn’t that bad because I did get a platinum trophy. No week can be a bad one when a platinum trophy is involved. Now for next week, I’m going to be devoting a full day to Mass Effect since I really got into it last week and actually got a lot accomplished. At least I think I did, but that’s beside the point, the point is that I’m rediscovering the game which is always fun when you take a break from a game that you love. Other than that I really have no idea what I’m going to play this week. I have a ton of games that I could finish, but I’ve been getting that itch to start something new and I might just do that but I just don’t know what. I’ll let you know how things go next week.


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