Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is the pathfinder trophy for Unravel glitched?

Submitted by Anonymous Is the pathfinder trophy for Unravel glitched?

Simple question, so the simple answer is no, the pathfinder trophy in Unravel is not glitched. If you think you’ve completed all the levels without dying, I would suggest going back and looking at each level picture again. If you did complete the level without dying then you’ll have a gold patch on the right hand corner of each picture that you did. If one of the pictures does not have this little gold patch then you didn’t complete the level without dying. Go back and complete that level, or levels, and you’ll finally get your trophy.

I’m pretty sure that in order to do this as well, you have to play the level straight through without dying. I don’t think you can be in a situation where you think you’re going to die and then restart before dying and it will count. When I got this trophy myself, I made sure to play each level from start to finish without dying and without manually restarting at the nearest checkpoint.

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