Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is it worth it to get trophies?

Submitted by Anonymous Is it worth it to get trophies?

So every now and again, I like to answer these questions that aren’t based off of a particular video game because they’re fun and interesting to answer. Being a trophy hunter myself, for me it’s worth it to get the trophies, particularly all of the trophies that come with a game. I also like to think that getting trophies for a game allows you to experience the game differently and sometimes even makes you play the game multiple times. Playing a game multiple times also gives you the chance to go back and experience things differently or find little hidden things that maybe you didn’t find the first time around and if you weren’t going back for trophies maybe you wouldn’t go back and play that game at all once you were finished.

But here’s the kicker. It’s only worth it to get trophies if you actually like the game and getting the trophies isn’t a chore. If getting trophies is a chore or it’s for a game that you don’t even want to play, then it’s not worth it. Would I like to complete every single game that I have to 100% and say that I completely finished X amount of games and have X amount of trophies, sure, but I’m not going to do it if I don’t like the game. I like to think of trophies as an extra bonus that comes with experiencing a game whether that game is good or bad.

That being said, my final answer is that it’s only worth it to get trophies if you truly enjoy the game. If you’re playing a game because you want to get more trophies and beef up your trophy profile, then you kind of answered this question yourself. Getting trophies has to be something that you do for fun, if not then it’s totally not worth it.

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