Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is the pathfinder trophy for Dragon Age: Inquisition glitched?

Submitted by Anonymous Is the pathfinder trophy for Dragon Age: Inquisition glitched?

Since I was able to get this trophy myself, I had to do a little research on this one so that I would be able to tell you whether or not this trophy is glitched. I can now say for a fact that this trophy is not a glitched trophy. In order to get this trophy you’ll have to find and setup at least one campsite in 10 different wilderness areas. That means that every map you have access to in the game, excluding the DLC, you have to setup at least one campsite. Once you travel to an area, you’ll see a little tent icon on your map. Head over to that area and setup camp. Do this in all 10 different areas and you’ll get the trophy. Below are the 10 areas you need to set up a camp in.

• The Hinterlands
• Storm Cost
• The Fallow Mire
• The Forbidden Oasis
• The Emerald Graves
• The Exalted Plains
• Emprise du Lion
• The Hissing Wastes
• Crestwood
• The Western Approach

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  1. The Pathfinder tropy/achievement is definitely not glitched. I’m actually playing through Inquisition again on PC and loving it :]

    • Thanks for the extra confirmation on that! That game is simply amazing, I wish I had more time to actually do another run through of it.

      • I’ve done multiple full playthroughs. This is my first playthrough as a warrior though :).

      • I’ve done about four playthroughs right now, but I’ve never played as a warrior. I always stick to my rogue archer. I always thought about changing it up, but never could.

      • I’m usually a mage, but so far I’m enjoying my warrior. I’ve also played through the game four times. That’s not counting characters I started and never finished.

      • I tried a mage once, but didn’t go through with the whole playthrough. I got to the first main story line mission and then just couldn’t anymore. I think it was a mixture of playing as a mage and then playing my character as “evil”.

      • I love the mage. The new version of the arcane warrior is easily the best class in the game. I don’t like how every new DA game butchers the magic tree, but I really enjoyed playing through the game 3 times as a mage and one time as a dagger rogue.

      • In Origins and 2 I played as a dagger rogue, but there was just something about it this time that I couldn’t get into so I switched to the archer. I enjoyed the archer a hell of a lot better. I will say though that in 2 I really liked playing as a Mage, I just couldn’t get into it this time around.

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