Video Game Tattoo Chronicles Part 2 – Athena Out!

It’s that time again, when I go for what I like to call my monthly therapy session.  That’s right, I consider my tattoo sessions my therapy for the month because it basically costs the same.  Anyway, keep reading to see the progress I made on my arm.

The last time I went to get work on my arm, this was what started to transform after my first session.
Athena Tattoo - Session 1
This most current session was about finishing up my Athena tattoo and basically discussing where we would go next since I’m looking to work on a full on sleeve on my left arm.  Four hours later, this is the end result and my completely finished Athena tattoo.
Athena Tattoo FinishedAthena Tattoo FinishedAthena Tattoo Finished

Not only did I leave extremely happy with the outcome, but I also left with a lot to think about.  There were a couple of things certain though that will come out of my next session.  While I was going to get the messed up paragon sign on my inner wrist fixed, I decided it would be better to cover it up completely, just because it’s really bad.  I know that in my last blog I talked about how much this tattoo had meant to me, and it still does which is why, while I regret having to so, it has to go because as great as my tattoo artist is, I really don’t think there is a way to fix it properly and give it the recognition that it needs.  The tattoo will make a reappearance though, I’m just not ready to reveal that yet.

So now the question of what to cover it up with.  I talked to my artist about doing a full on tribute sleeve to Borderlands with a couple of memorable characters featured on my arm along with the signature Borderlands logo to top it off on my shoulder.  While my artist thinks that’s a cool and workable idea, he also gave the suggestion of something different.

What he suggested was that since I already had my favorite Borderlands character permanently inked on my arm, why not make a collage of a bunch of different characters from a bunch of different games.  Each character will have its own background theme which will then merge with the other scenes on my arm.

Both ideas intrigue me.  I like the idea of doing a bunch of different characters with their own scenes and I also like having one solid theme on my arm.  I have some time to think about things since I’ll be skipping this month and instead going to a Convention, but I have a lot to think about.  My next session is in June and you’ll find out then what I decided to do.  Opinions are always welcomed so let me know what you think in the comments section.  Should I go with a full on Borderlands theme?  Or should I choose a bunch of different characters and and have them merge together? I’ll let you know that at this moment, I’m kinda thinking about how cool a bunch of different scenes would look all merged together and even have some ideas in my head. I guess you’ll just have to wait until June to see what’s going to happen.



  1. I like the idea of doing different character from different games especially if the backgrounds are going to mix, having your Athena tattoo go with someone like big daddy from BioShock or link from Zelda would be pretty sweet

    • That idea has been growing on me since I spoke with my artist. I just have to find that right image that pops out to me and basically says “this is the one” like the Athena image did. I have some time so hopefully I’ll find something.

      • Seeing how BioShock is the best series ever 😉 I’m think big sister would look great with athena haha

      • While BioShock is definitely a good series, I’m not quite sold on the Big Sister accompanying Athena on my arm. I have been looking at a few different images though and I might have found the one I want, but that might change.

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