Weekly Trophy Tip – Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug – Dig

This is one of those trophies that isn’t extremely hard, but it does require some patience and a good strategy. With both of those this trophy is as good as yours, so let’s help you get this trophy.

Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug – Dig
Dig through the entire area on any Round! – Gold
TIP: For this trophy, you’re going to want to start on round one. Why? Because it’s the easiest round. Think of this round as an introduction round. This is basically where you’ll learn how to play the game and get any other trophy that requires you to do silly little things. Before you start though you’re going to want to bump your men up to 5 so that you have some extra lives in case you end up dying. In order to dig through the entire area, you should start with an up and down motion. Avoid enemies if possible, but you can kill them as long as you leave two of them on the board. If you only leave one on the board the round is basically over. Anyway, once you finish digging up and down throughout the entire board, start moving from left to right or right to left, whatever your preference is until the trophy pops. Kill the last two enemies and be on your way. Below is a video of how I did it.

Have anything additional to add to my tip? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it in and give you credit. Need help with a specific trophy? I’m always looking for my next weeks tip so throw out some suggestions in the comments section. If I have the trophy I’ll post a tip on how to get it.


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