Most Anticipated Game for June 2016

This is the time of the year where it’s kind of gaming’s last hurrah before the holiday season. Everyone is gearing up for E3 which is going to announce a bunch of new games that may or may not come out during the holidays or be pegged as being released “early next year”, yes I’m talking about you Mass Effect: Andromeda. Anyway, there are some pretty big and overly hyped games being released this upcoming month, so here’s a look at what’s coming out.

*Just as a side note, my list of June releases is not perfect. There might be some missing, or some dates may change. If you have anything you want to add feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll include it in the list.*

Prison Architect – PS4
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir – PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita
Paragon – PS4
MXGP 2 – PS4
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – PS4
Guilty Gear XRD –Revelator- – PS4
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book – PS4

No Mans Sky – PS4
Carmageddon: Max Damage – PS4
Mighty No. 9 – PS4
Grand Kingdom – PS4 / PS Vita

7 Days to Die – PS4
Tropico 5 Complete Collection – PS4
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – PS4 / PS3/ PS Vita
The Techomancer – PS4
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness – PS4
Zero Time Dilemma – PS Vita

I have to say that this month I am not interested in anything that has to be offered. I’m not a big fan of Mirrors Edge and I really have no interest in No Man’s Sky which I think has been overly hyped and is going to turn out to be just one big disappointment. I could be wrong and it could be the greatest game ever, but that will have to be seen once it’s released.

Here’s my running list of games that I’ll be looking for during holiday sale time, unfortunately none of these games make the cut to be added to my list.
• LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers
• Alekhine’s Gun
• Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
• Far Cry Primal
• Republique
• Tom Clancy’s: The Division
• Tales from the Borderlands – PS3
• Overwatch
• Dead Island Definitive Collection

For me it’s a month of working on my backlog which has grown to a whole new size by this time. It’s just crazy really and I need to try and get it down somehow. There are all these games…too many games. Wow, I never thought I would say that. Anyway, now it’s your turn. Let me know what you’ll be picking up this month if anything in the comments section below.



  1. Nothing for me probably until August and Madden 17. I’ve got way too many games I enjoy and simply have not enough time to play them all. Adding extra titles will just add up to frustration lol

    • Lol, I know how you feel. I look at all the games on my system and then the pile of games I haven’t even bothered to start yet and I think I’m never going to catch up. The few months that nothing new comes out for me are a great chance for me to play catch up.

  2. Only games on this list that interest me are Mighty N9, and Mirror’s Edge. Everything else is pretty meh to me. I just completed Doom, and I’m currently working my way through Salt and Sanctuary on PC.

    • Eh, Doom never really interested me and I wasn’t that impressed with it when I seen it at E3 last year. I also have absolutely no interest in Mirror’s Edge. I played the first game and never really understood what all the craze was about.

      • I’ve been into Doom since I was a kid and I love the new one. I’m also a huge Mirror’s Edge fan.

      • What makes you such a huge Mirror’s Edge fan? Obviously we’ve played the same game, but I’m just curious as to what makes it so great for you while for me I thought it was one of the worst games that I’ve ever played.

      • I loved the first game and it was easily one of my favorites on the 360 when I had one. I love the setting, main protagonist, and parkour.

        What are some of your favorite games then?

      • I like mostly RPG’s, Action/Adventure games, some FPS, I play a little bit of everything. My absolute favorite though is Dragon Age followed very closely by Mass Effect. For me those games had just about everything I could want from a game. I just could never get into Mirror’s Edge when I played, but you never know I could always go back and try it again. Sometimes it takes more then one time to actually like a game.

      • It seems the game that takes our number one spot is switched, but I see that you have great taste as well.

  3. Pretty excited for Odin Sphere and Grand kingdom. As well as Monster Hunter Gen for the 3ds. I have a bad feeling about No Man’s Sky to be honest. It seemed awesome when the game was announced but the more is revealed, the more sketchy everything seems to become. We’ll have to see what happens I guess.

    • I completely agree with you when it comes to No Man’s Sky. At first I was super excited about it but then it was just like eh, I don’t know about this one. We’ll have to see. If it’s super awesome I might add it to my Holiday Sale List of games.

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