This Week in Trophies 05-22-2016 – 05-28-2016 – MegaCon Edition

There were absolutely no trophies this week. None, zero, nada, zip, but there was MegaCon. I spoke about this last week, so since there were no trophies I decided to turn my weekly trophy blog into my one big MegaCon blog. There was a lot of fun that was had in the past three days coupled with some disappointment and some other things, so keep reading to find out how my trip was.

The Awesome

While some people didn’t show up, I’ll get to that later, the people that did show up were just amazing. I was able to add three new autographs to my slowly growing collection. My first stop was to Jamie Marchi (Ellie in Borderlands 2), who was just super awesome and spent more time then she probably should have talking to me about how she did the voice recordings for Borderlands and even did a little voice acting for me by saying “Sweet” in Ellie’s voice. Next was Colleen Clinkenbeard (Lilith and Patricia Tannis in Borderlands), who was equally as awesome and even gave me a little Patricia Tannis by saying “Bacon is for sycophants and products of incest”. This was after I told her that even though I loved Lilith, I loved how much of a crazy bitch that Tannis was and she was one of my favorite characters. My last autograph and celebrity meeting was for Jason Mewes who took down William Shatner’s sign and put up this little dinky collage of his own and started signing autographs and taking selfies. He didn’t sit behind the booth and was actually out there with the crowd of people that were there and interacted with each and every fan that stopped by. All three meetings were just awesome and I count them among some of the best that I’ve seen at this yearly show.

MegaCon AutographMegaCon AutographMegaCon AutographMegaCon Autograph

Star Struck

While waiting in the sidelines for my Jay and Silent Bob “rare” dual photo op, I seen John Cusack being ushered out of his photo op and walking literally inches away from me. I said “Hey John,” and he actually turned to the group I was with looked up from under his baseball cap, smiled, said hey, and gave us the thumbs up. Mind Blown

The Good

One of the reasons I really love these types of shows is all of the art work that I can get from these little known artists just trying to make some money and it’s usually some of the best artwork that I can find for video games, movies, tv shows, and etc. Sometimes I just go for the shopping alone and it’s well worth it especially since I save for months and months in advance. I picked up some really cool items this year and for the first year I even attended two panels. I was able to attend both the Haley Atwell panel on Saturday followed by the John Cusack one. Out of both of them, I would have to say that Haley Atwell did the best job and that she was just fantastic to listen to as she talked about everything from Captain America, to Agent Carter, and even Lip Sync Battle. The woman was just amazing and had the crowd laughing and cheering after almost every question. John Cusack was a little on the dull side, but I have to admit that people were asking him some of the stupidest questions that I’ve ever heard and I think he just really didn’t know how to answer them, but it was still a good time.

MegaCon 2016 MerchandiseMegaCon 2016 MerchandiseMegaCon 2016 MerchandiseMegaCon 2016 MerchandiseMegaCon 2016 MerchandiseMegaCon PanelMegaCon Panel

Honorable Mentions

There was a hell of a lot of Cosplay going on these past three days and I have to say that all of it was just amazing. There were movies, games, TV shows, and just about everything in between. It was just super awesome and I applaud those who came dressed up.

The Bad

There’s always a little bit of bad when it comes to going to these types of events. They’re usually way over crowded, which this one was. Sometimes the people you’re with are a little cranky or want to do stuff that you don’t want to do, which is usually the case with me. And then sometimes the celebrity’s that they promote the most decide just about last minute that for some reason they won’t be showing up and it can kind of put a damper on the whole show itself. As much as MegaCon says, “Well we still have (insert celebrity name here),” it doesn’t matter because that wasn’t the celebrity that you were looking for. This was one of those years for me where everyone I was looking forward to seeing cancelled early, a little bit late, and then last minute. Norman Reedus canceled, which was fine because I had the chance to see him last year but didn’t so this year was kind of my second chance, but I was ok with it. Then Jon Bernthal cancelled about a week before which bummed me out just a little more, but it was still ok because my top billed celebrity was still going to be there and I was going to be super psyched to meet her. Then on Tuesday of this week Lena Headey cancelled and I was just totally bummed. Bye-bye autographs, bye-bye photo op, and just one big disappointment. I know this is one of the things that are scheduled to change but it’s still just a little bit of a letdown.

The Ugly

This is the only year when I’ve had a really shitty experience during one of the days and that day was yesterday. I got over Lena Headey cancelling, because shit happens and she had to cancel for whatever reason she had to cancel for but I still had, key word had, my photo op with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. It was at the end of the day and after two whole days there was basically nothing left to do than just wait until 5 pm for this photo op. Everyone starts lining up and is basically pumped because I mean it’s Jay and Silent Bob! Fifteen minutes before the guy at Epic Photo Ops comes out and says “Sorry but Kevin Smith isn’t even here yet, we’ll probably be pushing this photo op back until 6 pm.” And then I had had it along with the rest of the crowd especially when it told us we couldn’t wait online. It probably didn’t help that I yelled “Where the hell do you want us to go then” before demanding my money back because I wasn’t waiting around for a maybe that was then later on moved because they couldn’t fit all of the people they scheduled. I was directed to customer service along with a group of people I had rallied behind me. Once at customer service I was told as long as my ticket wasn’t scanned I would get my money back, being upset I thanked them for the shitty experience since now both of my photo ops were basically canceled and was proceeded to be shamed as I was told by the customer service lady that Lena Headey cancelled for personal reasons. She then told me that the personal reasons were because her child was sick and that she just couldn’t come out and say that. The customer service lady then applauded her for being a good mother instead of being here with as she put it “you people”. Grabbing my unused ticket back I was ushered away before I completely blew my top and had some words with this woman. First of all I just want to make it clear, I am not a heartless bitch. If Lena Headey had to cancel because her child was sick I applaud her for being a good mother and being where she needed to be, because let’s face there will be another MegaCon next year that they could try to get her to attend and that would be great. I hold absolutely no ill will towards Lena Headey as she is still my very favorite actress and by her choosing to be a good mother only makes me admire her more. Second of all, how the hell did this random woman know this was her personal reason? Did Lena Headey call her up personally on the phone and tell her that her child was sick? If it was so “personal” then why the hell were you even telling me? So yeah, like I said, The Ugly side of MegaCon.

Overall I had a pretty good time. Yes there were some let downs and some shitty experiences, but the overall is what counts and for those times I had an absolute blast. While I’ll probably change up how I make my plans for next time, there will be another MegaCon in the future and I look forward to going and seeing what they have planned.

While I would love to say that next week will make up for my lack of gaming this week, I actually have another tattoo session so…I have no idea what my gaming week is going to look like once again. What genius decided to get a tattoo session right after MegaCon? This one. Yeah, somtimes I don’t plan things out right. Anyway, I’ll try to get some gaming in and I’ll let you know if I was able to get any trophies next week.




  1. I would love to meet some of the Borderlands cast. That would be awesome. Sounds like the good outweighed the bad, but it still sucks that you went through that. At least you got some new autographs though :]

    • Meeting them was pretty awesome and I would love to meet some more. Voice actors for any of the games that I play are always cool to meet. This is the third year that I went and the first year I met Jennifer Hale which was just amazing and the second year I met Troy Baker which was…ok. The good definitely outweighed the bad and it always helps to vent on here, haha.

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