Fallout 4 – Far Harbor – DLC Review (PS4)

Fallout 4 - Far Harbor

Just when you thought you were done with Fallout 4, another story based DLC gets released and you’re sucked back into the Wasteland to do some more exploring. This DLC was the one that everyone was waiting for since it opened up a whole new huge area in the game along with new characters, new enemies, and new places to explore. Did Far Harbor live up to everything it was supposed to be? Keep reading to find out.

In Far Harbor, the detective agency of Nick Valentine has a job for you. It’s the case of a missing girl who typically ran away from home for whatever reason girls do that type of thing and now it’s up to you to go and save her. You’ll travel, via boat, to the distant Far Harbor that is home to a group of Synths, the original people of Far Harbor, and the Children of Atom. As luck would have it, the residents of Far Harbor and the Children of Atom are basically about to start a war with one another and that’s just another problem that you have to solve. While on your journey, you’ll learn more about the synth refugee that was built on Far Harbor along with some history to go along with it. More questions are asked, but in typical Fallout fashion, they aren’t really answered.

While this DLC is longer than Automatron, the story, while exciting at first, soon gets a little bland and boring towards the end. As with the original story you have the option of siding with the three factions that are on the island as well as bringing peace to the island as a whole. The choice is yours and you can play it however you want. While this is also the same as Fallout 4, there are some new elements that are involved and there are new, more intense, enemies on the island that prove to be a challenge even for higher level characters. There’s also the addition of new weapons which were pretty cool, but overall I was a little disappointed with the DLC. Don’t get me wrong I like the new area that was opened up and I enjoyed exploring it, but I didn’t like that in the beginning of the DLC a question to your characters own humanity is raised but never even gets answered. I don’t know if they plan exploring this in another DLC or what, but I would like some answers.

Unlike some people on the PS4, I had absolutely no problems with this DLC. My only complaint was in the graphics department, which we’ll get to in a little bit, but other than that the DLC ran just as smoothly as the main game. I didn’t have to do this new fix that they’re talking about which involves uninstalling and reinstalling and I didn’t have to do anything. From start to finish the DLC worked perfectly for me.

Now the graphics, while they were the same as the rest of the game, there was this addition of fog which was just horrible. I get the whole thing with the fog because they’re on an island and blah, blah, blah, but that doesn’t mean that it was pretty or even easy to make your way through. Not only does it carry a bunch of radiation, make sure you have Rad-X and Rad Away, but it just makes this blurry mess of not knowing where you are or really where you’re going. Other than that everything looked the same as the main game, but that fog was really the worst addition for this game.

Of course there were trophies associated with this DLC, and they really aren’t all that hard to get. If you’re looking for that 100% in Fallout 4 you’ll have to add another 10 trophies to your collection. 6 of the 10 trophies are story based, while the other 4 trophies revolve around you exploring, unlocking settlements, killing the creatures of Far Harbor and collecting all 5 editions of the Far Harbor Almanac. While none of these are hard to get, they are time consuming.

Like the main game, this is a single player experience, and in my opinion, Fallout should remain a single player experience. There is no need for multiplayer for this series.

Overall I give this DLC a 3.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ New and interesting area to explore.
+ Lengthy DLC that adds to the overall game making you fall right back into the world of Fallout
+ New characters that are interesting to learn about.

What’s Not So Great:
Story slowly starts getting boring well before the halfway through point.
While I didn’t have a problem playing, I’m hearing a lot of reports of people having a problem with this DLC and that’s never a good thing.
That damn fog! Worst thing ever to add into this game and it takes away some of the beauty that is Fallout 4.
Unanswered questions which either means more DLC or that they’ll just remain unanswered since maybe they were never important in the first place. If they weren’t important then they shouldn’t have been asked in the first place.

While this was a decent DLC, if I didn’t already have the Season Pass, at the original price, I would have never in a million years payed the hefty $24.99 price tag that was placed on this DLC. I think that this price tag sets a new and unhealthy precedent on the staggering costs of DLC, which I won’t talk about here, but seriously if you don’t already have the Season Pass I would wait until a Game of the Year addition comes out and get all the DLC at once. As much as I enjoy playing Fallout 4, I would never pay this much for DLC. If you’re a huge fan though that doesn’t own the Season Pass, then you’re going to get this DLC regardless, but it’s my strong recommendation that you wait for the Game of the Year edition of Fallout 4.


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