E3 2016 – Part 3

And now for the big finale. So big that I thought it should have its own blog and not be crammed together with all of the other press conferences that I’ve gone over the past few days. So big that at the end of the show I thought I would be eagerly making up my list of pre-orders and my wish list of games that I want to go on sale during the holidays. Was the Sony press conference everything I thought it would be? Keep reading to find out.

Sony Press Conference

After some technical difficulties, thanks IGN, the press conference is finally able to be viewed and Sony decides to kick it off with…wait for it…wait for it…the next God of War. Yes, I know this series has been completely done and then done again and it should be long dead by now, but it’s getting the full reboot special. There’s a full musical thing and an intro and then actual gameplay footage with someone sitting there and playing. In this preview you see a new Kratos, a more human side of him is shown which has never been seen before and is like a breath of fresh air for this series that has long since gone stale. Kratos is teaching his son, yes he now has another child, to hunt. He’s still the man that he is but he’s trying to be different, more understanding and less, well less Kratos.

Boo! I know, I know. How do I give a Boo to something that was obviously one of the best parts of the Sony press conference? This Boo goes out to the replacement of the original voice actor for Kratos. I really don’t like when this is done, it’s like if BioWare decided that they needed to bring Shepard back and instead used someone other than Jennifer Hale to play FemShep. What’s wrong with using the original voice actor? He was good enough for all of your other games but not this one? Boo, Santa Monica Stuidos, Boo!

Up next, another new game as Sony rolls out trailer after trailer after trailer making it hard to keep up with what’s going on, but this new one is called Day’s Gone. They show a brief trailer that piques my interest but it isn’t until the end of the show when they show actual gameplay and get more into the game that really makes me think wow, this game looks amazing. To tell you the truth though, when the trailer first started I thought it was going to be for The Last of Us 2, but I was glad that it wasn’t.

With no time to really collect my thoughts, another trailer is immediately shown and this time it’s for the much anticipated The Last Guardian. While I’m not all that interested in this game because I can’t really find anything that I like about it, I am happy to announce that after many years this game finally has a release date of 10-25-2016. Moving on to a game that I’m actually really interested in and will probably pre-order shortly, we have Horizon: Zero Dawn. Can I just say that every time I see this game I just fall more and more in love with it? It’s a new concept, looks stunning, and has some nice open world environments. The gameplay and small story that they showed at the press conference was just awesome and I’m really looking forward to playing this game as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Up next, another game that I’ve been waiting to see more of Detroit: Become Human. I’ve been playing games from Quantic Dream since Indigo Prophecy was released on the PS2 and have never been disappointed with any of their games. They’re chock full of story and major decisions that need to be made and can be played a bunch of different ways. This game basically takes the same formula that has worked for them and makes it into something new and exciting as you play as multiple androids who are slowly becoming more human. No release date, but for this one I’ll wait.

Next of course there has to be some VR stuff because it’s what all the cool kids are doing. They show off this creepy Resident Evil game that I barely watched because I kept looking away from the screen as I expected some sort of jump scare in there somewhere. After this there’s a little break to discuss the release date of Playstation VR, which is 10-13-2016, along with the price, which is $399.99. There’s also the announcement that there will be 50 games available at launch. This includes a special VR mission for Star Wars: Battlefront to Batman to Final Fantasy. Playstation is going all out when it comes to VR.

Now for some more trailers, and this one looks like a new space game which kind of looks like Call of Duty in space. To my surprise it is Call of Duty in space. It’s not called Call of Duty in space, but you get what I mean. Anyway it looks like another CoD game which I’ve given up on after Advanced Warfare. Not to mention that after that it’s more CoD with Modern Warfare being remastered. At this point I’ve had enough CoD to last a life time.

With the announcement of the original Crash Bandicoot being remastered, it’s also revealed that he’ll be a new character in Skylanders. I know I play the LEGO games, but this is too much for me because I have to draw the line somewhere and Skylanders is it. Since I mentioned LEGO, it wouldn’t be fit if I didn’t mention that the new Star Wars LEGO game was also shown right after Skylanders. Can I just say that I want a LEGO Mass Effect. Anyone with me on this?

Then for something that I never wanted to see…Norman Reedus naked. Not actually Norman Reedus, but the video game version of him that’s on this creepy beach with oil(?) everywhere, some weird baby, him with a C-Section scar, and dead animals. The game is called Death Stranding and I have no idea what it’s about or when it will be released. Then finally a new Spiderman game for the PS4 because we totally needed one of those.

And that did it for the Sony press conference. This year it felt like a mashup of different trailers all thrown together with really no rhyme or reason. Although I did want to see more trailers, I thought that maybe the games would have some more release dates, something more concreate then just a small demo and trailer. While I was impressed with the games, I really wasn’t impressed with the overall show. For this reason alone, although it pains me to have to do it again, I have to give the E3 award to Microsoft this year. They had an awesome show and they knew it.


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