Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 6 – A Portal To Mystery Review (PS4)

MInecraft: Story Mode - Episode 6

I had planned on not getting the three pack expansion to the game because I was obviously done with this game after the 5th episode.  Since I never really listen to myself I picked up the “Adventure Pass” and downloaded episode 6.  Did my opinion of the game change or is this just another purchase I’ll regret?  Keep reading to find out.

The last time we left off with episode 5, Telltale decided that instead of giving this game a proper ending that they would become just like every other money grubbing company out there and have the real ending added into paid for DLC.  Anyway, Jesse and her friends, trying to get home, jump into a random portal hoping that it’s the one that leads them to their home.  Spoiler alert, it’s not.  Did you really think it would be?  There are two other episodes.  Anyway, this leads them into a episode of Clue as they meet up with famous Minecraft people in order to solve a murder mystery.  It’s up to your new heroes to find out who the murderer is and get the hell out of wherever they are.

Boo! If you don’t know who these superstars of Minecraft are, which I had no clue who the hell they were, this story really has no meaning for you and makes no sense.  Not a good start if you ask me.

Although the episode was an interesting and in a way fun episode, I found myself at times disconnected to the story.  This was mostly because I didn’t know who the other characters were and really didn’t care, but also because it seemed like Telltale was trying to shove Lucas down my throat every five seconds.  For me, this episode was kind of a snooze fest as they went the route of a cliche and made you think you knew who the killer was before making it someone you probably least expected.  Yawn.

I will say though that apparently Telltale is listening when it comes to their games playability because there was an apparent decrease in loading time, less stalling, and just less problems overall.  Quicktime actions also seemed to be more responsive and have a better overall response time than previous games.  These were all some pretty major improvements, but it’s just a shame they had to come so late in this series.

As with the previous episodes there were no complaints in the graphics department.  The graphics for this episode were on par with the rest of the game and the Minecraft universe as a whole.

Complete this DLC and you’ll add another six boring and uncreative looking trophies to your trophy card.  All you have to do to get them is just complete the episode.

As always no multiplayer for the episode or game.

Overall I give this episode a 3 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Improvement to overall playability.
+ Graphics that are on par with the rest of the game.
+ Interesting story if you’re a super fan of Minecraft.

What’s Not So Great:
A real disconnect from the game if you have no idea who these Minecraft people are.
Typical whodunit story.
Forced extra content because there was no ending and instead of making a proper Season 2, Telltale decided to go the easy route of making more money.

At this point, I just want a proper ending to this game and some closure.  The fact that the last episode to this series is marked with a question mark makes me have some real doubts, which is extremely disappointing.  I would say that unless you really need to see what happens next, hold off on getting this episode and the “Adventure Pass” at least until there is a reasonable sale.  If you’re done with this game and really don’t care how it ends, then there’s no need to make any further purchases.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the sixth episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode


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