PC Gaming Vs. Console Gaming – Game Availability

After a brief discussion between Aaron and myself, we both declared that in the category of comfort the winner is…drum roll please…Consoles. I’m not picking up my trophy yet as this week it was Aaron’s turn to pick the topic and he chose something which he probably thinks he has in the bag. Game Availability. Make sure to check out Aaron’s blog (https://aaronmorrsireviews.com/) to see what he has to say about it.

My take on game availability is a pretty simple logic that I think a lot of you reading can agree with. All good PC games come to console, but not all good console games go to PC. Take for example a current game that I’m playing, Gone Home. For such a small game this was a huge hit on the PC. Huge. I won’t deny that, it had major success, which is well deserving, but look what happened to it. Because of how good this game was, it eventually came to the PS4 and thanks to PS+ I even got it for free. Sure, I had to wait some time before I actually got it, but it’s not like I didn’t have anything else to play and I was solely waiting for this game to come out. Same thing with the Diablo series, another huge successful PC game, it eventually came to the console and it was totally worth the wait as I spent an insane amount of time playing Diablo III.

Now my second point, not all good console games go to PC. Take the Uncharted series for example. That will never be released on the PC. Will you ever see The Order: 1886 on PC? Nope. How about God of War? That has to be on PC too right? Nope, not at all. I understand that now with Microsoft and Xbox One that there’s this cross play thing so their games will in a way actually go to PC, but Playstation games won’t and never will. When it comes to Playstation games exclusively made for Playstation, PC gamers are the ones that are missing out. Me on the other hand? I never feel like I’m missing out because if a game is that good on PC, sooner or later it’ll have a port over to a console.

Now that we’ve discussed everything from comfort to game availability, I think that for next week we’ll tackle a topic that, sigh, I’m going to tell the people rooting for me now that I’ll probably lose and that’s graphics. Who has the better graphics PC or Console? Come back next week to see my answer.

See Who’s Winning so Far

PC: 0
Console: 1

As a side note, if there’s anything you want to see us debate about when it comes to the PC Vs. Console debate, let us know in the comments section and we’ll see if we can add it into our series.


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