Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Why didn’t I get the platinum trophy for Never Alone?

Submitted by Anonymous Why didn’t I get the platinum trophy for Never Alone?

Sometimes, I think you guys are like messing with me with some of the questions that I get. Anyway, this was one of those questions that I debated if I should answer or not and then just said what the hell I might as well.

The reason why you didn’t get the platinum trophy for Never Alone is…drum roll please…because there isn’t one. Yes, this game is platinum trophy-less meaning that there is no platinum trophy but you can get 100% of the trophies for this game which is basically just as good. If you need help seeing which games have platinum trophies though before you start playing them, I would once again suggest using and looking up the game of your choice. Here you’ll find all of the games trophies along with seeing if they have a platinum trophy or not. If you’re just looking for games with platinum trophies then you’re kind of missing out, but no judgement here.

KUDOS: I want to take this time to say a big thank you to the anonymous people who have been asking really great legitimate video game questions. I didn’t think I would get so many questions asked and I really enjoy answering a lot of the questions that I answer. Keep asking and I’ll keep answering!

Have a video game question that you want answered? Go ahead and leave your question in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to add your name into the blog that features your question. If you prefer to be anonymous, then go ahead and type your question into the search box. I’ll be able to see it and maybe one day you’ll be able to see it on this blog.


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