The Boss Review

I’ve been waiting for this movie to become available to rent since it first came out on PSN and this past week it was finally available for rent. When it came to picking out my Saturday night movie, it was a no brainer this week as I went directly to rent The Boss. This is one of those comedies that I’ve been waiting a while to actually see, so keep reading to see if it lived up to all my comedic expectations.

The Boss revolves around Michelle Donnell, played by the extremely funny Melissa McCarthy, who has risen to fame and fortune by her own doing. Born an orphan that was rejected from home after home, Michelle realizes that she’s the only one she can depend on since she has no family and it’s up to her to rise to the top. She does this by taking advantage of people, lying, cheating, and a little insider trading. Being convicted of insider trading in a Martha Stewart-esque kind of story, Michelle goes to jail for six months and then comes out having nothing. Since she doesn’t even have anyone to turn to she goes to her former assistant Claire, played by Kristin Bell, for a place to stay. From there Michelle comes up with her next big business plan that will bring her right back to the top where she wants to be. While she gets this, what she doesn’t expect to get is the one thing that she thought she didn’t need.

There was something that this movie was from start to finish and that was funny. There isn’t a single thing in this movie that isn’t funny. Whether it’s the potty mouth comedy that Melissa McCarthy fans are fond of, I’m probably so fond of it because it resembles my own potty mouth and then raises the bar by 10, or just the random things that happen in this movie, this movie is just simply funny. Then of course there was that heartwarming moment in the movie that had me tearing up just a bit before laughing uncontrollably once more.

There’s another thing that I just simply love about Melissa McCarthy movies and it’s the supporting cast that helps the movie. There’s no doubt that Melissa McCarthy is the star of this movie and as she always does she shines. The stuff that just comes out of her mouth half the time is just unexpected and funny. The supporting cast of Kristin Bell, who I’m not really all that fond of, Kathy Bates, and Peter Dinklage just make the rest of the movie. I really enjoyed the back and forth play between Peter Dinklage’s character Renault and Melissa McCarthy’s character Michelle as ex-lovers who are now arch enemies, not to mention the back and forth between Kathy Bates character Ida and Michelle. Each character in the movie was played to perfection and it really added to the movie as a whole.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

If you’re a Melissa McCarthy fan then you’ll no doubt enjoy this movie as it just adds to a collection of extremely funny movies that Melissa McCarthy has been in. I know that this movie has gotten some pretty horrible reviews and I really can’t understand why. The movie is funny and has those unexpected heartwarming moments before going back and being extremely funny again. I would say not to pass this movie up if you’re looking for a comedy that will just make you laugh from start to finish or if you’re a huge Melissa McCarthy fan like I am.



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