Fallout 4 – Vault Tec DLC Review (PS4)

Fallout 4 Vault Tec DLC

DLC number 5 of 6 for Fallout 4, I know I missed a few inbetween, but I played this one on release because unlike the other “workshop” type DLC’s this one was actually supposed to have a story to it and some quests. I was eager to play it when it was released this past Tuesday because who isn’t interested in building a vault? Keep reading to see what I thought about this DLC.

This was really a bare bones type of story that came with this DLC. It was just there I guess, just to prove this wasn’t anther workshop DLC. Basically, the wanderer (you know, your character) gets a generic radio alert telling him/her to go to this vault that needs help. Vault 88. Once you get there you’ll have to fight off some raiders and try to find the entrance to this vault. Once you’re in there you’ll unlock the workshop and then have to dig your way to the overseer. From there you’ll learn that this vault was setup for some experimentations. You can either partake in them or kick the overseer out from the beginning so the choice is yours. If you kick out the ghoul overseer, then the quests basically end. If not you’ll have to do some mundane things like interview some applicants to be the test subject who will ultimately be some guy named Clem. After that you’ll conduct a few experiments on a very eager Clem as well as the rest of the vault dwellers.

If you do everything this DLC has to offer, you’ll be playing for at best two hours. The story could have been a hell of a lot more interesting if it was more fleshed out instead of just a bunch of random fetch and build quests. After I finished the quests and got all of the trophies for the DLC, I seriously had no interested what so ever in continuing to build the vault even though I had become the new overseer. Like everything with Fallout construction, everything was just overly complicated to build and put together and took a little time getting used to hooking up each contraption to a power supply and a terminal to choose the experiments. This DLC could have just been a hell of a lot more and just turned out to be blah.

You really have to know the construction system of Fallout to be able to successfully play this DLC without wanting to throw your controller out the window. Like all of the building and construction stuff in Fallout, it’s complicated and I could never set things up the way I wanted to. With this DLC, I wish they would have added something to clean up the dead bodies and creatures that were just laying around the vault after I was finished clearing it out. Why can’t this be done? Seriously, there’s a dead body in my vault because one of the dwellers killed the other. I mean, I kind of pit them against each other in an arena battle, but that’s beside the point! That dead body will forever be there in his underwear with everyone walking over him like he doesn’t exist. So, by this point you’re probably wondering why he’s in his underwear and it’s simple. He’s dead and no longer a dweller so he didn’t need the uniform anymore…or the pip boy. It’s not like he’s using them.

Since it’s attached to the actual Fallout 4 game, the graphics are basically the same and the new construction options look really good in the vault setting. There are a bunch of new objects, decorations, walls, and etc. to build and they all look good just as Fallout 4 does.

Complete this DLC and everything it has to offer, which isn’t much, and you’ll have another three trophies added to your gamer card and to your Fallout 4 trophy list. If you’re going for that 100%, then this shouldn’t in anyway mess you up because the trophies are super easy for this DLC.

As always with Fallout 4, this is a strictly single player experience.

Overall I give this DLC a 2 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ By the end of the DLC you’ll be the proud new owner of a vault and be able to build it how you want.
+ Compared to the other workshop DLC’s it has a small story that may not be much, but it’s still there.

What’s Not So Great:
A very weak story just to show that this isn’t another workshop DLC.
Overly complicated building which is like the rest of Fallout 4 if you think about it because anything having to do with construction in this game is just way too complicated. Especially where electricity is involved.
Although it’s not pegged as another workshop DLC because that would mean that you spent a bunch of money on another workshop DLC, it’s a workshop DLC plain and simple. Weren’t there already enough of those?

While this isn’t a must play DLC for the Fallout 4 game, if you have the season pass you might as well download it and play it. If you don’t have the season pass, I would say to either give this one a pass unless you’re really into building or wait until an eventual Game of the Year edition of Fallout 4 comes out. I haven’t been all that happy with the quality of DLC that has been released for this game, but I am looking forward to the sixth and final DLC, Nuka World, that should come out sometime in August.


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