I Never Finished…Blitz: The League II…Because

As I came upon playing well past 300 games on my PS3 / PS Vita / PS4, it made me realize that there were a bunch of games that I started to play and never finished. Each game that I didn’t finish had its very own reason attached to it, which brings me to my new weekly column, I Never Finished…(INSERT GAME TITLE HERE)…Because. Each week, I’ll tell you about a game I didn’t finish, tell you why I didn’t finish it and then let you know if I plan on going back to play. Sound good? Let’s get into my first game then.

Blitz: The League II

Blitz: The League II was one of the very first games that I bought for my brand new PS3. I loved the first Blitz: The League on my PS2. I played that game almost every single day and always went back for more. While I’m not really into the sports games all that much, there’s just something different around Blitz: The League so it was a no brainer that I would pick this up for my PS3.

Blitz: The League II wasn’t your typical football game. It was more than that, which is probably why I enjoyed playing it so much. It had a few RPG elements thrown in there for good measure as well as some bone crushing on the field moves that you don’t see in regular football games. All around I just thought it was a great game and I’m sucker for games with RPG elements that let me make decisions no matter how big or small. Not every RPG game has to be about saving the galaxy.

I was able to get pretty far in this game and actually beat the full campaign mode. Out of 50 trophies, I got 18 of them (I want to point out that this was a time before I was a trophy hunter and could really care less about trophies). At the time though, the thing was that even though I didn’t have all the trophies, I finished the game. Unlike the first game which I played over and over again, this game just didn’t have the same replay quality for me so when I finished I sort of tossed this one at the bottom of the pile and moved on.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

With the servers shut down, I could never get the platinum trophy since there are online trophies for this game The only reason I would ever see myself playing this game again is because there is nothing left on PS3 for me to play. I finished all of the games in my backlog and am completely out of games that I have to play this one. Sorry, Blitz: The League II, it looks like you’ll be stuck in your game sleeve forever.

Blitz: The League II

Now it’s your turn. Are you like me and have this game just laying around somewhere unfinished? Are you one of those very few people that finished this game and can boast that you have the platinum trophy for it? Let me know in the comments section below. Now for next week, the first of many Blockbuster rental games that I kept for a few days before returning, Quantum of Solace.


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