Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 7 – Access Denied Review (PS4)

Minecraft: Story Mode

Another episode for a game that should have been over a long time ago. After the last episode which played out like a game of clue, I was really tired of this game and just wanted to see how it was going to end. Unlucky for me there was still this in between episode that needed to be done before actually getting to what will hopefully be the final episode of the game and end the story the way that episode 5 should have. Even though I have the season pass for this game, the thought of playing weighed heavy on me and I actually waited before playing. Was there something new and spectacular in this episode that made me want to keep playing this game? Keep reading to find out.

Episode 7 picks up where Episode 6 left off. Even your companions are getting sick and tired of portal jumping and just want to get home and put an end to the story. I can totally relate to these characters now since all I want is for this game to be over. Anyway, after an argument with Petra, she’ll choose the next portal and boy is this one a doozey. Here you’ll find a realm of Minecraft people, creatures, and animals all controlled by a computer called PAMA. It’s his/her job, I don’t know what gender to give the computer, to make all the people of the realm more efficient because it’s just natural for any computer to think that people are just lazy by nature and could actually be more productive if they were programmed to do so. While I can relate to PAMA in this way, he/she still needs to be stopped and it’s up to Jesse and her friends to do so.

While the story for this episode was different, this game is just dragging out so long that I feel like even though this game might do something great that it’s going to be lost on me. I was done with this game by Episode 5 and didn’t enjoy the twist of having to buy DLC just to see how the game ends. I’ve said this many times before but I think this whole thing of having to buy more DLC to see the ending just really ruined this game for me and makes me a little weary when it comes to purchasing my next Telltale game. Unlike Episode 6, this story was different and it was interesting but it was seriously just lost on me. I’ve been playing this game on automatic for so long that I just want it to end.

I have to say that there are some major improvements to the playability of Telltale games and this couldn’t have been an easy feat. There have been many reviews that I complained about lag, trophy pop issues, loading issues, and etc., but this game had none of that and ran flawlessly. This is a good thing and I really hope that Telltale continues in this fashion because overall I think they’re a pretty good company that I want to see succeed and continue to make games…like The Wolf Among Us: Season 2. Anyway, getting back to this episode. The only problem I had was with the fighting again. When it’s not a quick time event, the fighting is just awkward and you have to look at it from this weird perspective which is just…well weird.

Since this is just an add on title for the original 5 episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, the graphics for this episode are similar to the other 6 episodes. I didn’t see anything great or fantastic that blew my mind. I’ve liked the graphics for the game as a whole and this episode was no different.

There are of course an additional 6 trophies for this episode and all you have to do to get them is to play the game. It’s pretty simple and there’s nothing difficult about it. No special tasks to complete or anything, just get through the episode which can be a chore in itself.

No multiplayer for this game, although there is going to be some kind of multiplayer type thing for the new Batman game coming out and that seems to be a little exciting.

Overall I give this episode a 2.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ A different story from the rest of the episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode that in a way is sort of interesting, but at this point it’s just too little too late.
+ The end of the episode made it look like some kind of conclusion might be made in the final episode, but who knows.
+ No lag, trophy, or loading issues.

What’s Not So Great:
This game has seriously over stayed it’s welcome and it just really needs to be over by now.
This would have been a really great episode if this was part of a second season for Minecraft: Story Mode and not just one of these episodes that were tagged on to make more money.

While I haven’t been fond of the last two episodes for this game, I think that if Telltale would have done the proper thing and ended Minecraft: Story Mode in a way where it was done, these extra episodes would have probably made a pretty interesting season 2. The whole way that this was done about though kind of turned me off from the game and I’m not really a fan of it. If you’re like me and you want to see how the game ends you’ll be playing this episode, if not I would say give this one a pass.

Spoiler Alert! Here are the choices that I made for the seventh episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode


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