Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age II: Legacy

After my first taste of DLC, I wasn’t as jaded when it comes to DLC as I was today, I was eager for more. I loved Dragon Age II, loved it and wanted to continue my story as Lady Hawke for as long as possible. I was super excited when Legacy was announced and even more excited when it finally downloaded and installed leaving me with a little statue in my Hawke mansion for me to take another journey with some of my favorite characters.

While you can play this DLC at any time during the game, I always liked waiting until the end to play, it actually takes place way before the end of the game when everything basically gets blown up in Hawke’s face. This is really the first chance that you get to leave Kirkwall and its surrounding areas to head to the Vinmark Mountains where you’ll have to stop a cartel who is hunting for the blood of the Hawke. Why are they hunting for Hawke’s blood? It’s the only way to unlock this Grey Warden prison where an ancient evil has been kept hidden for all these years. It will also unlock more about the mysterious man who was Hawke’s father.

By the time this DLC came out, I had over 6, yes 6, different Lady Hawke’s and I played this DLC with each and every one of them. That’s how much I truly loved this DLC. I enjoyed learning more about the Hawke lineage and appreciated that it gave a deeper meaning to the Hawke family dynamic that was brought forth in Dragon Age II. I have to say though, (A little spoiler if you haven’t played Dragon Age: Inquisition yet) I never in a million years thought they would have made Corypheus the big bad guy. I thought maybe we would see him in later games, like I hope we see the Architect in later games, but I never thought he would be the main bad guy. Anyway, it’s a nice introduction to him and you’re able to learn a little more about him before playing Inquisition.

Although I was never one to complain about the repeat of maps, because Dragon Age II isn’t the only game where dungeons and other areas repeat themselves over and over and over again. It’s the only game though that gets the most heat for doing so, it was nice to travel out of Kirkwall and go somewhere new and exciting. Even though this was outside of Kirkwall and outside of the main game, the playability was the same and I had no problems with the travel or with any of the elements of playing this DLC.

While the graphics for this DLC were the same as the main game, the different scenery that was the Vinmark Mountains along with the surrounding prison and the other elements of the game were nicely done and really brought together the game as a whole. For all the hate that this game received, I can’t stress enough that when you compare it to Origins it’s a huge improvement and it deserves some bonus points for that.

Legacy added an additional 5 trophies to the overall trophy list for Dragon Age II. While they weren’t all that hard to get and required you to play the DLC to the fullest and do everything possible, there were a few missable trophies that if you weren’t careful you would well, miss. If you have 6 or more characters like I did, then going back to clean up the trophies shouldn’t be a problem.

No multiplayer for this game and I really think that Dragon Age is one of those games where you don’t need it.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ A new adventure to go on with your party members.
+ A new area to explore and new enemies to face.
+ You get to learn more about the Hawke family and get an introduction to things to come in the Dragon Age series.

What’s Not So Great:
I couldn’t really find anything wrong with this DLC, it was everything I could have wanted for Dragon Age II.

If you have Dragon Age II, and actually like the game, then hopefully you already have this DLC. If not I would give my strong recommendation to buy this DLC because you won’t regret it. You’ll learn more about the Hawke family giving the family a deeper connection as well as learn about things to come in the Dragon Age series. This DLC is filled with lore that Dragon Age fans should eat up.

As I said last week, this was a time where all I was doing was playing Dragon Age, so next week for Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix, I’m afraid there’s more Dragon Age. Next week I’ll be reviewing the second and final DLC for Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin. Was it as good as Legacy? Come back next week and I’ll let you know



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