Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin

Seeing how much I just loved Legacy, I played it a bunch of times making sure that each of my Lady Hawke’s had a chance to run through this new area. I was eager for Mark of the Assassin. It looked like great things were to come from this game after so much hate, which to me was unnecessary. Little did I know though that Mark of the Assassin would be the final piece of DLC for Dragon Age II. Did it live up to all of my expectations? Keep reading to find out.

In order to fully understand Mark of the Assassin, you have to watch the short lived Dragon Age web series, Redemption staring Felicia Day as Tallis. Tallis makes her return in Dragon Age II with the premise of needing some help from the Champion of Kirkwall. In order to help her you’ll have to once again venture out of Kirkwall to an Orlesian estate. But of course there’s a catch. You’ll have to help her steal the Heart of Many. It’s not wrong to steal from Orleasian’s right? You’ll of course find yourself in a world of trouble, this is a Hawke story so it seems that trouble follows Hawke everywhere, and hunt some Wyvern’s for good measure.

As with all DLC that comes out on the PS3, I had to wait until just about 6 pm to download this one and it was an anxious day of waiting and trying not to be spoiled. Once I was finally able to download it, I choose my favorite sarcastic Lady Hawke rogue and jumped right into playing. Once I started playing, I couldn’t put this DLC down as I did my first but not last run through. There was action and adventure, getting locked in prison, solving puzzles, and running into some characters that Dragon Age fans will already know. It was once again everything I could have wanted from a Dragon Age DLC. It enhanced Hawke’s story as a whole and was able to add another exciting adventure to her list.

Kudos: While the dialogue between Hawke and her companions and the companions just chit chatting in the back was great for Dragon Age II, it was just awesome for Mark of the Assassin. Playing as a sarcastic Hawke had to be one of the most memorable experiences ever as you’ll have some very funny lines while trying to break into the Orlesian estate as well as some equally funny background chit chat.

This DLC introduced another new area for Hawke to explore, without repeating backgrounds for those who complained. It was a pretty awesome area and the game play was equally as awesome in it. While there were Dragons to hunt in the game, well one dragon, hunting the Wyvern was even more exciting and fulfilling. I enjoyed that the puzzles for this DLC were challenging even though they were almost to the point of frustrating and adventuring with a new character was also fun. The gameplay was still the same from the original game since there was no reason to change it and everything for this DLC ran smoothly.

The graphics for the DLC were the same as the original game and they were pretty awesome. I can’t stress enough how much I loved the graphics for Dragon Age II. The new places that the DLC added were crafted with care and you could tell by the amount of detail that went into each new area. This game really did an awesome job in the graphics department when you compare it to Dragon Age: Origins.

Like with Legacy, there are a total of 5 new trophies that come with this DLC. Two of them are story related and the other three you’ll kind of have to figure out on your own and be crafty while doing so. While you can do this if you have only one Hawke, who only has one Hawke, but I enjoyed getting these trophies in multiple playthroughs.

Remember a time when BioWare felt their games didn’t need multiplayer? This was one of those times.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ A new and interesting story for Hawke to embark on.
+ A new character that could possibly make a return sometime in the Dragon Age series as well as some more missions to bring along your favorite sidekicks from Dragon Age II.
+ Banter has always been a strong point in the Dragon Age series, and this DLC was no different.

What’s Not So Great:
This DLC doesn’t really bring a conclusion to the whole Hawke story.

Another Dragon Age II DLC that I just loved and was very eagerly waiting for the Exalted March afterwards. If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ve probably heard about this failed DLC more than enough. While this doesn’t bring an end to the Hawke story, it’s still a great DLC to play and if you’re playing Dragon Age II, I would suggest that you not pass this up. This DLC is definitely worth the money and will not disappoint in any way.

Now for next week, all of the Dragon Age II DLC was over, and even though I was playing more DLC that I want to admit, I really have no timeline on when I completed them and I really really don’t want to go back and try to get all the dates in order. That being said, when I was looking on my list, the next DLC that I noticed was completed, even though I know I completed some more DLC in-between was Borderlands: Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. I’ll let you know next week what I thought of it.


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