Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – What are the main choices to make in Tales from the Borderlands?

Submitted by Anonymous What are the main choices to make in Tales from the Borderlands?

While there are a lot of choices to be made within this game, as there are with any Telltale game, I’m thinking that this question was more geared towards which choices are the ones that turn up at the end of the game and give you the statistics of who picked what. So, here go you, a list of all the main choices from episode 1 – 5.

Warning, there are some spoilers! Obviously.

Episode 1
• Will you keep your cool?
• Will you let Shade accompany you?
• Will you let Felix die?
• What mask will you purchase?
• What will you tell the loader bot to do?
• Will you trust Sasha?
• Who will you choose?
• What kind of loadout will you choose?

Episode 2
• Will you let Sasha help you?
• What will you pick at Scooter’s shop?
• Will you look inside of Sasha’s gift?
• How will you shoot Finch?
• Did you tell Vaughn about Jack?
• Where will you choose to go?
• Will you bro-fist Vaugh? (That sounded incredibly dirty)
• Will you trust Finona?

Episode 3
• Who will you tell Vallory who is to blame?
• Will you agree that Athena should kill Cassius?
• Will you let Vallory help you?
• Will you make a tentative alliance with Jack?
• Will you give Sasha a flower?
• Will you refuse to let go of Sasha?

Episode 4
• How will you honor Scooter?
• What will you do to the tour group?
• Will you shoot the Diamond Pony?
• Will you reveal Jack’s assistance?
• Will you knock Yvette out?
• Will you reject Hyperion?

Episode 5
• Will you shoot Finch?
• Will you tell Rhy’s to shut up?
• Will you ship Rhy’s and Sasha?
• Will you destroy AI Jack?
• Will you confess to having a crush on Sasha?
• Who will you choose for your final team?

Now that you’re thoroughly confused on what the hell this game is about, I suggest that you actually play the game and see what these choices are and why Telltale thinks that these are some of the most important choices throughout the whole game. As always, with these games I like to suggest that you play how you want. I don’t like influencing your choices by telling you what was right and what was wrong. That’s for you to figure out.

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