Gaming Goals for the New Year – August 2016 – Update

I promised myself that I would game as much as possible this month after the disappointment I suffered at work last month. While that didn’t really work out like I had planned, I still was able to get a decent amount of game time in and I was pretty pleased with myself in the process. Here’s a breakdown of how I did on my goals this month.

2016 Gaming Goals

Have a total of 80 platinum trophies.
– Starting # of Platinum Trophies: 60
– Ending # of Platinum Trophies: 61
I tried really hard to get that Prison Architect: PlayStation 4 Edition platinum this month as well as the Ghostbusters platinum, but it just seems like it wasn’t in my cards to get the Ghostbusters platinum. I am happy to report though that I did get the Prision Architect: PlayStation 4 Edition platinum, which I like to consider some progress. What I didn’t get this past month I’ll probably be making up for this month. Do I think I can still hit the 80 that I planned? Maybe, but I’m really going to have to bust my ass and play game after game in order to do so.

Have a total of 8,500 trophies.
– Starting # of Trophies: 6,276
– Ending # of Trophies: 6,374
Another good month of trophies even though I missed the 100 mark by 2. Yes the 8,500 is looking really far far away right now and I’ll probably never even reach it this year. I’m hoping that at least I’ll hit my milestone 6,500 by…October. After that I’ll be happy if I can hit 7,000 at this point.

Have 120 games completed at 100%
– Starting # of Games 100% Complete: 95
– Ending # of Games 100% Complete: 97
At least this number keeps moving up every month. I know that last year, I already had this goal accomplished, but I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to reach my goal by the end of the year since I’ve been going back and completing some games that I started and never finished.

Have an overall completion rating of 75%
– Starting Completion Rate: 51.87%
– Ending Completion Rate: 52.08%
Yes! 52% is a huge milestone for me and it’s showing that when I go back to complete games instead of compulsively starting new ones that this number does in fact go up. 75% is a long way off and I really don’t think I’ll be making it this year, but my number has steadily gone up since last year making me a happy gamer.

Start and get the platinum trophy or 100% completion on 30 backlogged games
– Starting Number of Backlogged Games Completed (Out of the 30 That Were Listed): 2
– Ending Number of Backlogged Games Completed (Out of the 30 That Were Listed): 2
There was this black Friday in July sale and I couldn’t pass up on some games that were on my “To Buy” list so I picked them up and started them. I know, I know, this pile of games that I have listed is just sitting there waiting for me to play, but those other games were extremely tempting and I just couldn’t resist. I’ll try to get back to this goal sometime this year and I am in no way hitting that 30.

Get the platinum trophy or 100% completion on 20 already started backlogged games.
– Starting Number of Backlogged Games Completed (Out of the 20 That Were Listed): 3
– Ending Number of Backlogged Games Completed (Out of the 20 That Were Listed): 4
It seems like if I stick to my PS3 games that I had listed, that this goal is at least not that out of reach. I finished yet another PS3 game this month that was on the list, FEZ, which believe me was no easy task. I’ll continue to work on this goal as I try and pick some PS3 games to fill up my Sunday PS3 Game day.

Only pre-order 5 new games and save the rest for Black Friday and holiday sales.
– Starting Number of Pre-Orders: 2
– Ending Number of Pre-Orders: 3
I pre-ordered Horizon: Zero Dawn the collector’s edition this month because that statue looks awesome and I didn’t want to miss out on it. Even though I’ve been debating if I should count this or not since it comes out next year, I decided to count it and be fair since I did pre-order it this year. Another two games to go and a bunch of games that I want day one. Not sure how I’ll keep this goal, but I’ll try.

And that was my month. It wasn’t a bad month, but a lot of these goals look like they’re going to be failures by the end of the year. Not that it really matters because as always I’m having an awesome time gaming. For the upcoming month I’m going to try and work on as much backlog as possible as I get ready for the gaming season and make the decision of what games I’m going to pre-order making them my last two pre-orders for the year. I’ll let you know how things went next month.


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