Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Are there any problems with Bully on the PS4?

Submitted by Anonymous Are there any problems with Bully on the PS4?

Unfortunately there are some problems with this game as it made its transition from the PS2 / PS3 to the PS4. As I said in my full review of Bully, the mechanics of the overall game are a little wonky. Well, more than wonky. In fact at times they can be absolutely controller breaking as trying to control Jimmy and move him around campus or the town just doesn’t work right at times. I found that there was also a slight delay in when you actually press the button on your controller to when Jimmy actually performs the action. While this doesn’t matter most of the times, the times that it does is when it’s most frustrating.

Then there’s this issue that the game crashes. Thankfully it only happened to me once, but when it did I lost a couple of hours of playtime since I hadn’t saved. I’m not sure if anyone else had this problem or if it was a constant problem, but you would rather be safe than sorry in a case like this so save often. Other than that the game worked fine and if was a nice chance to replay an old PS2 favorite.

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