A Special Happy Birthday

Because I got the usual, “I don’t want anything for my birthday,” I decided that as a special gift for my dad that I would write a little blog about him.

Turns out that my dad was the very first person to introduce me to gaming. One of my favorite memories is playing Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers on Nintendo in front of our 19″ tv with him. I was Chip and he was Dale as we battled our way through each level before trying to win the affection of Gadget in the bonus level. No matter how many times we beat the game, he always made time for me to play over and over again.

He also taught me how to play Tetris, not knowing that one day I would completely dominate that game and beat him every time we play. Even today he helps me from time to time in order to get some platinum trophies. You’ve seen me refer to him on this site before as LMD, as I like to give thanks to those that have helped me get platinum trophies, and those of you on my friends list can not only figure out who he is, but also why that’s his PSN name.

Not only has he been my life long gaming buddy, but he’s also been my MegaCon buddy. This year I’ve told you about my MegaCon experience and it just wouldn’t be the same without having my dad there. MegaCon has become our annual trip where we can spend a couple of days just hanging out, meeting celebrities, and just enjoying the Con.

We may not always see eye to eye and get into arguments from time to time, but he’s always accepted me for who I am. I really couldn’t ask for more because without him my love of video games might not have happened and this blog wouldn’t exist. That’s why I wanted to break away from my normal blogs and take the time to wish my dad a very happy birthday.

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