Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is the last mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition glitched?

Submitted by Anonymous Is the last mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition glitched?

I’ve played this game a bunch of times meaning that I’ve also beat the game a bunch of times playing the last mission on Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. (I don’t like to stack my trophies so I went for a playthrough on each difficulty) Anyway, this is what I found out. On Normal and Hard, the last mission plays out like it should. Everything happens when it should and it plays out like the ending to a really great movie. On Nightmare though, that’s a completely different story. On Nightmare mode, I had to restart this mission so many times I lost count. Sometimes the mission wouldn’t progress, sometimes the things that were supposed to die died but it didn’t register that they did keeping me trapped in a certain area. This was extremely frustrating especially since beating this mission to get the trophy for beating the game on Nightmare mode was the last one I needed for the platinum. Eventually the final mission did play out but I can confirm that while the final mission works fine on Normal and Hard, there is a glitch in the final mission on Nightmare mode. Since this was one of my more recent questions, I’m sure this hasn’t and will not be patched. My advice is to just play along and if you get stuck and have to restart do so. It will eventually work. Not the best advice, but at least it’s something.

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