The Revenant Review

I don’t know how long HBO has been promoting that they were going to be premiering this movie, all I know is that it’s probably been all summer long and I’ve been eager to see it. I did plan on renting it, but when HBO said they had it I figured I would wait. Keep reading to see if the wait was worth it or not.

The Revenant revolves around the story of Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and his quest for revenge. In 1823, Hugh is out with his group of men, along with his son, exploring the uncharted wilderness and collecting fur. That was when he was attacked by a bear trying to protect her cubs. His group was already running from a group of Native Americans, but this bear attack leaves Hugh unable to care for himself. With the rest of his group wanting to escape three men are left behind to care for him including his son. After his son is murdered and he’s left for dead, his only reason for living is now revenge on the man that killed his only son.

The plot of this movie, while interesting, is also somewhat unbelievable. Yes, I know that this story is sort of true, but it’s still pretty damn unbelievable. This movie is also super long, reaching almost three hours, and it’s mostly of Hugh making his way around the wilderness trying to find this man that murdered his son. Hugh gets into more messes than you can imagine, yet survives each one until he’s able to take get his revenge. This was one of those movies though that was just way too long for me. I don’t mind long movies, I just don’t like them to be boring and at times this movie was extremely boring to the point where I felt like I was going to fall asleep. While this might just be me, I think for a movie that’s going to be super long it should also be interesting enough to warrant that length.

While the main actor is of course Leonardo DiCaprio, the only other mentionable actor is Tom Hardy, who plays the movie’s main villain. I found that Leonardo DiCaprio did an amazing job portraying Hugh Glass and was very much worthy of the Oscar that he won for this part. This is one of those movies where just because the story might be a little drawn out and boring, that doesn’t mean that the acting isn’t any good.

Overall I give this movie a 3 out of 5.

After waiting so long for this movie, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. As I said it was a really long movie and it wasn’t all that exciting at times. For maybe half an hour of the movie or more I found myself pulling out my phone and checking for messages or any random thing just to keep me awake. While the acting was good in this movie and deserving of the acclaim that it received I didn’t think it could save this movie. I’m not going to recommend this movie to everyone. If you’re an American History fan you’ll probably enjoy this movie, but ladies if you’re just going to watch for Leonardo DiCaprio I would suggest skipping this one and see something else with him in it.


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